More bylines for MLBloggers

If you look through my recent posts, you can see examples of how MLBloggers have been writing articles reviewing those awesome DVD sets that come to my desk during the course of a year from MLB Productions upstairs. The latest such example is by Steve Dempsey, author of the My Brewers MLBlog. As part of ongoing, comprehensive and unrivaled coverage of Barry Bonds’ ascension to the top of the all-time home run charts (coverage that actually is more than five years in the making, with special areas for every milestone longball), Steve’s story takes a look at Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats and examines those magical records that seem unlikeliest to fall. I don’t have Photoshop handy at the moment so no screengrab, but as of this writing (4:19 pm ET on 8/10), it is part of the #3 panel on the mediawall of our homepage, as a link in the Bonds/Hall of Fame Exhibit package. Steve’s story goes hand-in-hand with that of Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach, another MLBlogger. Next up: Carl Shimkin‘s review of the Yankees 1977 World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set. Look for it later next week on and perhaps’s homepage. There also is a Cubs DVD review outstanding, just waiting to land in my inbox from the assigned MLBlogger so it can be scheduled on Once again, the tradeoff is an byline and keeping the product, and we at (and baseball fans) get content from writers in the MLBlogs community. I will let you all know whenever I receive any more new releases from Productions.


Thanks Mark! I was trying to find the actual amount of times they test and how often they do it. But I couldnt. Basically I want the actual document that was signed by both parties.

I recently posted a tribute to Phil Rizzuto. Considering the other article of mine you’ve read, I thought you might be interested.

In case that area is helpful to you.

Mark, Do you happen to know if MLB released the actual drug testing policy to the public so we can know how often they are tested and when, etc?

Thank you very much, Sid, both for being an MLBlogger and for reading this…and especially for the input. And no, it’s by no means a “useless post.” This MLBlog is seen by the Major League Baseball family, including the heads of MLB Productions. Good news, everyone: More DVD sets are on the way to my desk! Will give more details shortly and will be looking for more writers at that point, so be on the lookout because the assignments go fast!

I for one think the Cal Ripken Jr. set is a genius idea. More than anything I’d love to see the 2002 World Series packaged and sold, but the idea of making box sets of games revolve around individual players could be a potential gold mine. Though they are now pariahs, I for one would love to see a 1998 Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire set, to relive the most magical summer baseball has had since the strike. I’d love a box set of Henry Aaron, so not only could I see the entire game of 715, but a few others that are rarely shown. As an Angels fan, I’d gladly drop money on an 8-disc Nolan Ryan set with all 7 of his no-hitters and his 5,000th strikeout game.

The possibilities are truly endless.

I know this is probably a useless post, as you guys don’t have any input on the DVDs MLB releases. But if you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, pass the word up the line!

And when that Ryan set or 2002 World Series set comes out, you KNOW who to go to for reviews!

-Sid McHenry

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