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Updated 4:10 pm ET on Thursday: I’ll be in Cooperstown from Friday morning through Monday writing much of our Induction content for and (which we also now operate), and that will include a special look inside the Hall at my own favorite exhibits/artifacts that everyone must see at some point. I hope you will blog about the Cal/Tony induction ceremony, which is going to jam some 50,000 fans into a hamlet of 2,000 citizens for one unforgettable weekend. And feel free to also mention your own must-sees if you’ve ever been to the Hall. We’ll be looking out for others’ Hall of Fame related content this weekend to feature on, and please leave a comment here with your URL if you’ve posted about that subject.

A big welcome to our friend Harold Reynolds. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, he has just launched his own MLBlog with a special story about Tony Gwynn. It’s a treat. Glad to have Harold around here, as he has taught a lot of people many things about the game.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with the brief outage on Tuesday afternoon. We found ourselves in the middle of a news story, as that big San Francisco power outage happened in the building that serves as co-lo for Six Apart’s servers. Six Apart is the company we at Major League Baseball Advanced Media chose in April 2005 to be host/provider for our MLBlogs platform. A lot of major tech companies had their operations knocked offline because of the outage…glad it wasn’t two weeks earlier when we rolled an All-Star week through the area.

Congrats to our own Joe Boesch, who is the latest MLBlogger to be prominently featured with an byline for one of our MLB Productions DVD reviews. I recently posted a list of available DVD sets to be reviewed, and there will be more articles to see in upcoming days. Joe, longtime author of the Dugout Diary MLBlog, reviewed the Baltimore Orioles Legends: Cal Ripken Collector’s Edition DVD Set, and we have had it up on as a panel for a while now amidst the Ripken Hall of Fame buildup. Whenever Barry Bonds passes Hank, keep an eye out for Steve Dempsey‘s review of the Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats DVD. Hopefully I will be posting availability soon for more DVD sets to review, as they are passed along from MLB Productions upstairs here. It’s another way that an MLBlogs subscription can pay for itself; that’s a clip for any journalism resume, and you can see that Joe’s tagline links directly to his MLBlog. In other words, a Major League Baseball team’s official website is pointing its fans at someone’s blog, promoted in the media wall on top of its homepage. You can’t find that kind of targeted reach in any other blogging community.


Also…CJ Wilson just posted. Few pro athletes are better bloggers…


I had to attend. And I did. I’ll blog about my experience but just wanted to add a quick note on how amazing and magical the day was to me. I can’t wait to write about it.


You should have a contest on here to find the next “” writer!

Wish I could be there too.

Have a GREAT time, Mark. Say hi to Cal for me. (I already shook Gwynn’s hand this month.)

-The Baseball Collector

I blogged about last night at Camden Yards when I took a chance and found myself with a great ticket to the game where the O’s honored Cal. I even got a bobblehead! Saw Brooksie, Rick Dempsey, Earl Weaver, etc., etc… Cal threw the first pitch to Eddie Murray. Hey, I’m a big Orioles fan (because of my adolescent crush on Cal in the early 1980s…)and will keep an eye on the goings on this week. Wish I could be in Cooperstown!

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