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Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Did you know that one of our own MLBloggers is a volunteer at the All-Star FanFest in San Francisco? She’s been blogging about the scene at the Moscone Center, including pics, and it looks like a great way to find out more about the event if you’re going or to follow it vicariously. It’s a cool opportunity to leave comments with questions about FanFest and get answers from someone working it.

I like to surf through the MLBlogosphere and see as much as I can, and also to check the Admin tool to see who has started new MLBlogs. Just now I was checking out our Recently Updated Photo Albums automated feed, and that is where I just discovered this new blog: Loser Fan.

Here is what Keith, a Rangers fan, writes about himself: "I’m getting married on July 7, 2007 and I can’t wait. I’ve converted my soon to be wife to a baseball fan. She sits with me and watches my teams lose, and actually loves it. I work at a bank and played ball when i was younger. I am a season ticket holder and have lived in the Ballpark as a fan since I was at least 4. I go to at least 4 games a month and root for the Rangers and the Cubs, and any player that has been worth anything on either team that is playing somewhere else, (ie GMJ, David D and others)."

We at the MLBlogosphere want to wish Keith and his fiancee a big congratulations on their scheduled weekend wedding (leaving him some comments, and hopefully he will post some wedding pics in his photo album), and best of luck as a "Loser Fan." There are going to be a ton of bloggers who will identify with this one. We can’t all be a "Winner Fan." It comes and it goes. For example, just consider what the author of Yankee Passion just blogged. And I personally picked Rockies vs. Rangers in this year’s World Series, so I can imagine how it feels right now.

I wrote this story for about The 2007 ESPYs, and I wonder what other MLBloggers have to say about the balloting to decide those awards in the July 15 show co-hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and LeBron James. For example, who is your choice for Best Baseball Player? Two of your five choices were Twins: Johan Santana and Justin Morneau. The others were Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols. Was Endy Chavez’s grab in NLCS Game 7 really the Best Play of 2006? And most of all, I wonder what you all think of the number of awards that don’t include the national pastime.

All those DVD sets from MLB Productions are spoken for and will be reviewed by MLBloggers on in the next month. We’ll make sure you get to see their reviews (which will not be posted on their MLBlogs, but linking is OK), and thanks to everyone who stepped forward with this offer. There will be more to come, as Productions (on the floor above my office) has a year-long release date calendar and sends them my way to help generate publicity as we put them in the Shop. So no need to ask about those aforementioned sets anymore, and thanks again, everyone.

When did you go to your first Major League Baseball game? Rich Kincaide is Watching the Tigers Again, and he says, ""I went to my first Tigers game in ’64.  How about you?"

Kelly of Hook, Line and Sinker wrote a very interesting comment on Alyssa’s MLBlog, and the one thing I will definitely not argue with is: "New Yorkers have the loudest mouths in the world…" I’m around them all day and it’s hard to debate that one. Speaking of New Yorkers, it was nice last week to finally meet Carl the Cabbie — one of our longest-running MLBloggers. He’s going to review that Yankees 1977 DVD set; it was his first year of following the Bombers back then.

You no doubt have seen how Pat Neshek’s blogging has spread around the Internet during his Final Vote candidacy that ends at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday (vote now and vote as often as you can for your favorite candidate in each league!), and the YouTube videos that have surfaced have been awesome. Within the next year, this will be your place to create and upload videos just like those. It’s obvious how much fun Neshek has in this space like many of the rest of us, and it was cool that he started an MLBlog to support his regular site. An MLBlog is a great tool for promoting a pre-existing blog, whether it’s on Google or anywhere else. I feel like I have more Web 2.0 profiles than I can remember, a fact of life today. All the networks have their own different feeling and mission.

Please remember to leave lots of comments here about your latest posts and then always include your URL so people have another way to discover your MLBlog. Also let us know if you or anyone is missing from the MLBlogs Active Roster browse page. We usually add newcomers to that blue-panel list once they cycle off the Rookies list on Thanks again for blogging here and we’ll drop some blog posts from All-Star Week. Then hopefully our full-scale social network will appear sooner than later in the second half of this year.

Recently Updated Photo Albums:


I had the best time at the All Star Fanfest. Although it didn’t really fill the void of not being able to attend the All Star Game. It was fun to volunteer and go around on my own.

Hello, I just started, my new Tampa Bay Devil Rays blog entitled “Rising From The Ashes”. There are some other great blogs to read here as well (I’m a fan of Alyssa Milano’s Dodgers blog, among others), and this is a great place to kill time.

I also got to ask him some other questions as well. The interview is on my MLBlog!

Check out Cecil Fielders pick to win the Home Run derby on my MLBlog

I’ll give you one guess on who he picks!


Hey, Dino, welcome to the MLBlogosphere and thanks for the heads-up to everyone here! Hope you paint some of the picture of All-Star week there, too.

Hi!Just wanted to let you know I just started my own blog here on this site.Look for me at’m “The Dark Knight Giant”.As the title suggests the San Francisco Giants are my team,but I’ll also discuss other topics involving this great game.Please check my blog out!

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