Watching History


I took this picture tonight with my Canon Powershot A540 in the top of the fourth inning at Yankee Stadium. Roger Clemens was throwing to Michael Cuddyer, and it was the start of 15 consecutive batters retired by the Rocket in an historic outing that resulted in his 350th career victory. It was the first time since Warren Spahn in 1963 that anyone reached that level, and Clemens was commanding in doing it on this beautiful night in the Bronx. I didn’t realize the signifance of my picture until I got home and looked at our Gameday app and saw that this flyout to center started the streak. It’s a high-rez image, and maybe you can find the baseball.

What was the most memorable Major League game you ever attended? Blog about it and post the Permalink in the comments here if you’d like to drive some more traffic to your MLBlog. It would be fun to see others’ experiences. Here are my tops, not including this one:

  1. Ripken’s 2,131st (in press box)
  2. Big Mac’s 62nd (in first row behind STL dugout)
  3. Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series-winner landed right in front of me in the LF aux box
  4. Ryan vs. Clemens, 1980s, TX, my oldest son’s first game as a baby, cried when crowd roared
  5. Terry Mulholland no-hits Giants, first no-no by a Phil at Vet; I was SF beat writer for Mercury News
  6. Boston sweeps STL under a Blood Red moon at Busch in 2005
  7. Steve Perry singing "Don’t Stop Believin" right next to me in White Sox clubhouse, 2005 WS G4
  8. Maybe Marge & Schottzie jumping on my elevator in CIN during 1990 World Series
  9. First-ever game at The Jake, waiting for Clinton’s Secret Service to clear out
  10. Every MLB game. There is nothing like it.

I actually was at the game tonight to meet with Pat Neshek afterward in the Twins’ clubhouse and give him my card so I can help in any way with his brand-new MLBlog. He said he might keep it going after the Final Vote, but probably will just concentrate on his existing site at Either way, it’s an example of the countless uses of MLBlogs that we have seen in 2-plus years.


Wow. Very cool that you were there for No. 350. My three most memorable games in terms of baseball history would be:

1. Robin Ventura’s walk-off grand-slam-single against the Braves in the 15th inning of Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS.

2. Doc Gooden’s no-hitter at Yankee Stadium in 1996.

3. Jose Reyes’s cycle last year at Shea.

My most memorable game as a baseball collector would have to be the night I caught Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run, and here’s my entry about it:


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