Exclusive opportunity for MLBloggers


Yet another benefit of having an MLBlog: The possibility of an MLB.com byline.

Please take a look at what your fellow MLBlogger John Nemo has written for us, posted as of this writing as the No. 3 panel on the Minnesota Twins’ website. I captured that screengrab above as an example of what we are doing. It is John’s review of the A&E Video Minnesota Twins: 1987 World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set. This follows on the heels of the Mets 2006 DVD review that I assigned to Zoe Rice, your fellow MLBlogger at Pick Me Up Some Mets!

So here’s how this works. It’s not exactly a mass opportunity, but more and more MLBloggers will find themselves with MLB.com bylines as a result.

Our MLB Productions offices are directly above mine in our Major League Baseball Advanced Media HQ in Manhattan. They interoffice me all these awesome DVD commemorative sets, because I am the person here who generally writes about all of the incredibly cool ways you can enjoy the full experience at MLB.com, which includes the best place to shop if you’re a baseball fan. I love it to the hilt, having spent more than two decades in major mass media, from The Miami Herald to Fort Worth Star-Telegram to San Jose Mercury News and magazines. Someone else can play investigative reporter and be cynical in life. I’m a baseball fan. I’ll be looking for other baseball fans who want to review THEIR TEAM’S commemorative DVDs that MLB Productions asks me to have reviewed, that MLBlogger who is a good writer and wants to point out all of the best reasons that other fans of that same Major League team will want to buy this DVD set. That’s it.

Payment is an MLB.com byline of your very own if you’re chosen. And you get to keep the DVD set, which I will mail to your home so you can promptly review it and email me the article. Then I will schedule the content on our appropriate sites, as we did with Zoe and John.

If this works as well as I hope — and so far so good — I think we are making some nice progress in the fusion of "traditional media" and "blogs." And an MLB.com byline on your resume often goes a long way toward a job in journalism, for anyone who may be looking. And if this works as well as I hope, I will list a lot more of these DVD sets here shortly. For now, here is what I have to offer, and email me if you regularly blog about these teams and want to review one:

The last one is a single DVD. These will typically be those A&E Collector’s Editions as with the others above. Again, if you are interested, email me (that will be required as opposed to commenting here). If you are assigned a DVD review, I will ask for your mailing address and we’ll overnight the product to you.

Let’s see how this goes. It could lead to something even bigger. So far so good, at least starting with a couple of book authors. Nice work, John!



Hey Mark,

I’d be more then happy to review either the Cubs or Orioles DVD, as I’m a big fan fo both of those clubs,as well as a daily blogger. I might learn something…


I would happily review any DVDs but they would have to be viewable in the UK so no problem there (or you could fly me over if that would be easier?).Thanks for the recent publicity by the way, but can I now request to be put on the Arizona blogs list. (I’m never satisfied.

I feel compelled to defend my beloved Twins, noting they have played in TWO of the best World Series of the last 20 years – the birth of the “Homer Hanky” and the seven game noisefest against STL in ’87, and the 1991 classic against the Atlanta Braves that then-commissioner Fay Vincent called “The best World Series ever.” Game 6 – Puckett with the catch, then the homer, and Game 7 – Smoltz vs. Morris, 10 innings of scoreless baseball, a 1-0, extra inning win.

Forget 2002 (when the Twins fell to the Rally Monkey) – where is my 1991 DVD set already???

Anyway it was a blast watching the Twins TROUNCE the Cardinals inside the Humpty Dome all over again, and took me back to that magical fall. I do have to say the DVDs are great because they include play-by-play for each game and box scores, so you can flip around to what innings you want to watch and catch all the highlights, etc. Also the bonus features/footage were priceless. Great stuff.

Thanks Mark for thinking of me and GO TWINS. Hopefully we’ll have a magical ’07 run to add to the collection.

John Nemo



OK, now there’s a TWINS set?

Don’t get me wrong, I think these sets are wonderful and worthwhile purchases, but I’ve taken solace in the fact that only the teams with bigger fanbases, like the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees have had these sets released.

But the TWINS?

Nothing against the Twinc Cities. In fact, it gives me a bit of hope.

Because if there’s enough market for a Twins WS set, then there is by all means a market for the 2002 World Series set, particularly as it was one of the greatest World Series in recent history.

Of course, I’m a bit biased, as I am an Angels fan. But can you deny the tension and excitement from Game 1 through Game 7 of the 2002 World Series? The dramatic comeback in Game 6 and the clincher in Game 7? The ONLY World Series appearance (and unbelievable hitting) of the soon-to-be all-time Home Run Champ Barry Bonds?

Where is my 2002 World Series DVD set?!?!

Oh, and BTW, I’d really appreciate it if my blog were added to the Angels list!


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