Get It Right Week


It’s "Get It Right Week" here at, and in between a lot of these All-Star Game voting stories I am writing for these days, I wanted to get in my own Get It Right ballot. The screengrab you see here was actually my third ballot I submitted tonight, because each time I did the first two, I felt that I included someone who truly didn’t belong. These are my guys. Feel free to state your case, but these are the ones who I think belong at AT&T Park on July 10 in San Francisco. The things that most surprised me after doing this was the realization that no Red Sox players deserve to start, Derek Jeter isn’t close to beating Carlos Guillen at short in my mind, David Wright leads Miguel Cabrera via hype, and my two most obvious choices AREN’T LEADING IN THE LATEST UPDATES. Those would be AL MVP leading candidate (sorry, A-Rod fans) Magglio Ordonez and NL MVP leading candidate (as I predicted on in late March) Matt Holliday. Sometimes we don’t get it right. I picked Colorado vs. Texas for this year’s World Series. I still think the Rockies have a huge future, but the Rangers have made me look pretty bad on that one. So. There you go. Remember that you get to submit up to 25 online votes at, so use ’em or lose ’em! Balloting closes here Thursday night, and the Selection Show is on TBS this year — Sunday. Blog like crazy about Get It Right Week, because an MLBlog is just made for this stuff. If you want to do what I did, once you get your voting results page, just do an AltPrtSc, create a new file in Photoshop, crop around the results and save it as a jpeg. Next year I’d like to see a more "bloggable" results app.

On a totally unrelated note, it’s official: Your friendly neighborhood MLBlogs watcher has been accepted into the 2007 ING New York City Marathon field! Come on out and laugh at me this Nov. 4 if you’re around the city then. No idea where I will be working for the World Series, but I hope this Fall Classic doesn’t go the distance, because a Game 7 would be Nov. 1, I believe, and travel day after that. If you ever want to help a great cause, I am running that 26.2 mile event for Team for Kids, and here’s your chance to help curb childhood obesity and help at-risk kids grow with active lives. My Marathon Season blog has more information for anyone interested, and to donate you would just need to know Entry # 94714 and the last name of Newman.

It’s been a pretty impressive season for All-Star voting by Brewers fans, even if only one (perhaps Fielder) starts. Take a look at the final NL updates and you can see that. It’s worth mentioning yet another new Brewers MLBlog to join The Show here: Worldwide Brewer Fans! Please note that all new MLBlogs go straight to the Rookies list on the homepage, and then we gradually add them to the MLBlogs Active Roster, in that blue panel as well as the template browse page.

Our friend Allison heads up the MDX Reds Crew cheerleading squad, and we saw that she has just created a Photo Album for that MLBlog, which is linked from their page on the Cincinnati Reds’ official site. That’s one of the great things about owning an MLBlog. You are blogging right alongside people from all corners of the MLB world, whether it’s a cheerleading squad, a player, a broadcaster, a groundskeeper, a Minor League front office, a mascot, a manager or whomever. Start yours if you haven’t already! Here are other Recently Updated Photo Albums:

Have fun blogging right here on Get It Right Week!


Love all the predictions… did you guys see this at all? I think it’s actually quite good.


I’m doing a series we’re I’m selecting first half award winners. Check it out; Cy Youngs are already posted.


I already disagree with my own latest ballot! Not as vehemently behind Holliday as I was just 24 hours ago. Look for my latest 48 Hours To Vote story on We’ll talk about the player-comparing that right now is rampant all over baseball. Be sure to use the Compare Stats/sortable stats window that is right there next to every category on our ASG vote app. It’s a great way to see it all right there in front of you. I was glad to see that Maggs has entered the top 3 (leapfrogging in the process and bumping Manny so far), and I still think that Cabrera over Wright is the biggest one people have to get right in this final stretch. That and someone other than Soriano…I don’t think it’s Bonds. Guess I still say Holliday, just not as emphatically.

Nice choices Mark for the all-star game! Thanks for posting my 2 updated photo albums to your entry.



Thanks for the publicity, Mark. Check out my selections if you want. Scroll down a few blogs to my all star votes.

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