Welcome a new player

JenksUpdated 2:52 pm ET Tuesday: Congrats to Mark and steve.pfeifer for correctly mentioning our new dude in the Sphere. Geoff Jenkins’ introductory post was saved before the Brewers’ scheduled game today at Philadelphia. Fans voted him into the All-Star Game as the American League Final Vote selection in 2003, our second year of giving fans that opportunity. (By the way, did I mention that the guy who sits next to me here at BAM invented the Final Vote?) OK, here was the original quiz, and congrats again to our winners. Enjoy Jenks’ new MLBlog! Not a bad year so far

Look for an introductory post from another Major Leaguer hopefully tonight or Tuesday, and in the meantime let’s have a little fun trying to guess who this new player blog is coming from.


He’s an active everyday player on a Major League roster.

Past All-Star, thanks to the fans.

Among the top 20 home run leaders this season.

Has been with same MLB club since first coming to The Show.

That’s it. All we know so far is that he’s ready to be an MLBlogger. You’ll know if you were right whenever you see the first post show up!


Please add my blog to the Dodgers section. It is called Dodger Talk and can be found at http://dodgerbaseball.mlblogs.com/ Also there are some other Dodger Blogs on there that have not been posted on for a while so maybe mine can be added and a few others can be deleted

Jenkins was the last man in as voted by the fans a few years back (2003 to be exact). So the clue was right.



Jenkins wasn’t voted in by the fans. The only real choices, if you do that, are Hunter and Jones. Because the Twins were off Monday, and didn’t play until Tuesday, I went with Hunter. The Braves played Mon and Tues night. However, Chipper is more the kind of guy I would expect to do a blog. We’ll see.




My guess is Matt Holliday. He’s young enough to really have a handle on “this blogging stuff.”😉

Choices: M. Holliday, T. Hunter, Mi. Cabrera, G. Jenkins, J. Rollins, C. Jones, A. Dunn

That’s a lot of star power right there. I’ll go with Geoff Jenkins of the NL-leading Milwaukee Brewers.

I’m going with Torii Hunter.



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