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That’s me and my buddy CJ Wilson, who was in New York for the series against the Yankees and here at our MLB.com studios to appear on the MLB.com MIDDAY Show. Great appearance, and you can see all of it on-demand now if you missed it. As a dart-thrower, he is an awesome baseball reliever. I told him how much we appreciate that he just does his own thing with his MLBlog like the fans, posting wherever/whenever, all him. I think we will gradually see more of this as the myspace generation grows up and continues to pervade everything. CJ definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer, and one thing he loves about the whole blogging thing is how certain fans will take control of a comment structure and basically render the haters/trolls of our world useless and irrelevant. He cited Alyssa Milano’s traffic-record-smashing MLBlog as an example of that, and he’s right. . . . At the other end of the baseball spectrum is a Class A pitcher named Mike Eisenberg who has been posting an excellent MLBlog about everything from his all-baseball-movie roster to thoughts about the reality of a professional baseball career and its aspirations. Must reading. . . . One last thing worth relating in chatting with CJ before and after his studio visit. He likes blogging because it’s a shared experience with fans, and again the majority tend to "educate" others along the way. Specifically, he said it bothers him that he might have to run to a duty at the ballpark and not be able to sign an autograph, "and I wonder if that person knows that I stayed two hours the day before signing every autograph I could." It’s nice that a pro athlete is concerned about that person’s perception, and he thinks something like a blog can be a place where it all becomes clearer. . . . Help welcome a new Giants MLBlogger. There haven’t been nearly enough of those in our run here, I think largely because the SF area is the blog capital of the world and I suspect many fans already have about 50 or 60 personal blogs and spaces! And while we’re on the subject of the Giants, guess who is now just 10 home runs away from tying the most hallowed individual record in sports.


(Forgive me a girlie moment, but that’s a player a gal could swoon over.)

Steve: An individual MLBlogger’s traffic is confidential unless that person wants to post a hit counter so others can see it.

Zack: Totally sounds like him.

I’m looking forward to talking to both of you on the air.


That’s really cool about C.J. Wilson. He tossed me a ball during batting practice two days ago at Yankee Stadium, and he was being pretty silly the whole time. He threw one ball completely out of the stadium…through that little space in deep right field where you can see the #4 train rumbling past.

-The Baseball Collector



A new PODCAST is in town. Carl The Cabbie and Dugout Joe have joined forces for BASEBALL TALK!

If you’re just hangin’ around this weekend doing your laundry, come check out our third LIVE show this Saturday at 1:00 PM.

Just go to— http://blogradio.com/baseballtalk and listen to two of MLBloggers oldest bloggers rapping baseball. This week we will interview MLBlogger Zack Hample aka The Baseball Collector. He’ll rap with us about his latest book and snagging his 3000th ball.

And next Saturday, May 19th we will have a very special interview with 1974 NL CY Young award winner Mike Marshall. For the past 25 years Marshall has been working on a method of biomechanics that he claims would rid pitchers of most of the arm injuries they suffer from. You’ll definitely want to tune in to that one to hear what the ever engaging and controversial Dr. Marshall has to say about Pitchers and avoiding injuries.

For more info on our show just go to—


To listen to our first two shows you can go directly to



For any bloggers who would like to be a guest on our show to promote their blog, just e-mail us at baseballtalk@aol.com.

And if you feel like getting your two cents in this Saturday’s show give us a call between 1:00 and 2:00 PM at 646-478-4570.

Looks like somebody needs to learn some red-eye removal techniques. CJ’s got a nice blog going.

Just curious how many hits Alyssa is averaging so we can have an idea of the full potential of MLBLogs.



Hey Mark, this is Brady here. I was wondering…see, Friday at 6:00 PM CT Zack Hample is going to be a guest on our hour long show and we are trying to promote it. I was wondering if you would maybe do something cool about it (Friday, May 11 at 6:00 PM CT at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coralandbradyonbaseball). you can go to http://baseballradio.tripod.com for more info about the show. If you could do some promotion for our show and for Zack it would be great! We’ll do a plug for MLBlogs on the show, also.
Anyway, we also wanted to know if you would come on to the show some time in the near future. Anyway,

thanks Mark!



I really do enjoy CJ’s blog. I referenced it on my talk show today. It is so nice to have a personal connection with the players. I personally appreciate his effort.


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