Best MLBlogs Title

Now that An Incaviglia Truth has been created, it’s time to ask the question:

What is your favorite MLBlogs title?

(Other than your own, of course.)

Please post any nominees right here as comments, and include the URL if you know it.

We’ll take an informal tally of the comment list and then showcase the "winner." Please nominate only MLBlogs that are active — meaning they don’t have
cobwebs all over the place. If the winner is one on the browse-by-team
list that is a relic, we’ll go with second place. MLBlogs only.

Some general notes about MLBlogs titles:

"My Weblog" is not a blog title. But we all were there once in life.

David Wright asked fans to name his. He settled on "Wright Now." Unfortunately it’s not active Wright Now, but it was right good in 2006.

It just seems like some variation of "In the Cards" has become the biggest cliche title.

Every time I see The Drunken Tacoman, I just think of someone going through the after-hours drive-thru at Taco Bell — even though it’s about the Tacoma region.

Coral Rae probably still holds the record for longest MLBlogs title with West Coast College Student Looking For East Coast Baseball Knowledge, but maybe you have seen a longer one. Down the Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes was the longest for a while.

Titles often help the author market something near and dear to them, which has been highly encouraged ever since we launched in April 2005. MLBlogs can be an awesome marketing vehicle. Just look at Pick Me Up Some Mets!, which is a variation on Zoe’s book Pick Me Up that was in all the Barnes & Nobles at the time she created her MLBlog.

Clarity often helps the blogger. Larry Shenk just changed Baron’s Corner to Phillies Insider, to make it crystal clear what the reader will find year-round — unfiltered front office/fan communication (ie no traditional media involved in the message). He is the dean of all Major League Baseball PR directors and the Phillies’ VP of Public Relations, and "Baron’s Corner" was the name of a column he has written in various media for decades.

Our colleague Matthew Leach, the Cardinals beat writer for, was
fortunately one of the first to give some real serious thought to this
matter. He could have come up with a Cardinal naming cliche. He opted
for Obviously You’re Not a Golfer, right out of the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski. As you can see from his Archive index,
he started in July 2005, as the first beat writer to blog. And
if you ever want to know how to find someone’s Archive index — since
Typepad only lets you see the last 10 months in a side panel — just
click the blog’s title, then add "/archives.html" to the end of the URL. By the way, I just did that for this blog, and it was kind of funny to see what comments I had here on the first post. Obviously we were in test mode!

I just asked Jake, our MLBlogs editorial producer, and he said Leach gets this one hands-down. Will be interested in your "votes."

OK. Tell us your favorite MLBlogs title!


I’ve always liked the “Bullpen Baker”–is she still around? And can she FedEx some of those goodies over to NYC?

It’s quite obvious to me that my blog has by far the most original, creative, clever name of all. I’ve spent the past two years wracking my brain for a blog name that would not only be remarkably fitting, it would create a sense of wonder and awe rarely found among the greatest column names, headlines and book titles of all time.


Hahahaha…you guys are cracking me up on this one. OK, I am just going to go with the flow here and everyone just tell us why you decided on your blog’s title. We’ll bag the “contest” part it…lol. I think everyone would rather talk about their own title anyway.

My title was inspired by this video you can see on my blog. Check it out and make fun of me.

The ‘hacks’ in Diamondhacks connotes “second rate athlete, second rate writer and a bludgeoning, assertive, style, among other things.

That’s why I chose it.

Thanks for asking.

Lisa…Steve…Gabriel…OK, what part of “what’s your favorite blog title other than your own” doesn’t everyone understand? Was just curious what others thought so we could throw someone some extra promo love. No trashing other MLBloggers on this blog, thanks.


Nicely put, Lisa! I was about to say something like that in my vote, but decided not to. Glad someone did… very funny! I thought maybe my comments a couple posts ago were just my opinion because I didn’t see anyone else agree with me… I guess not!



Here is the down low on DA BRONX BOMBERS name.

After reading Tommy Lasorda’s Dodger blog and then Zack’s Baseball Collector blog – I rushed to create my own and didn’t realize that I had accidentally hit CAPS LOCK when I entered in my blog name.

“DA” was a cool way for me to interject some humor into the pronunciation of “The Bronx Bombers.”

You could say that my blog name was a happy accident and then I had several unhappy accidents with my renewal process with Uncle Visa and lost my original web address of



I don’t think I have a favorite name.

I will tell you why mine is so long, though. It is because it is the truth. West Coast baseball fans, in general, don’t know about baseball history, making conversations less interesting. Yes, knowing Mike Napoli’s batting average is great, but it is better if you understand what Rex Hudler means when he compares him to Thurman Munson, in my opinion. Plus, I thought it was funny to mock a personal add.

I think that Dean’s List is a clever name, since his name is Dean. And I think that Baseball & The Boogie Down Bronx is funny, because it reminds me of a disco. I think that Daily Musings from 35th and Shields is pretty good, but a similar name wouldn’t work for the Angels (ie Daily Musings from Katella and Gene Autry way… doesn’t work). But I don’t have a favorite. They are all pretty good.

Things are pretty good. How about you?

Anything that’s not “touch ’em all,” actually.

I have to “keep it in the family” and vote for new blogger “Yogi Brewer”. His blog is actually really good, so go check it out at

I wish I had picked a better name so I could have been considered… how about an award for blogs that start with the word “My”? I think I would win that one!


Great…but did you get hit in the head with a ball or do you have a vote per above request? 🙂 Couldn’t tell if that was your vote. Start ’em off!

As a hardcore Scrabble player, I appreciate words and names and titles (etc.) and oh my God, this new one with Incaviglia is TOO funny.

-The Baseball Collector

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