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It has been great to so many MLBloggers putting the month of April into perspective. Kellia even compared Byrnsie’s April 2006 and this one. . . . Announcement: Larry Shenk’s MLBlog has been changed from Baron’s Corner to Phillies Insider. For those who might not be aware, Larry is the dean of Major League Baseball PR directors, and the Vice President of Public Relations for the Phillies. It’s an incredible opportunity to communicate one-on-one with someone at that level who is the inside. Please leave Larry comments. . . . Speaking of MLBlogs titles, we noticed that Tiff is still going strong with Party Like It’s 1982. Whatever happened to that name change after the Cardinals ended their longest title drought in club history? Sometimes you don’t mess with MLBlogs branding! . . . Just spent the past weekend in Oklahoma City hanging with a top Triple A prospect, his Mom, and her great friend Eleanor, who happens to be the author of a very impressive MLBlog called Girls Don’t Know Anything About Baseball. Get to know her — she is incredibly knowledgeable about the game and well-connected. . . . When I got to the rental car counter in OKC, I found out the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was the next day, so yours truly registered for the Half and put it out there on the streets for 13.1 miles. Didn’t exactly prepare for this one, but it was a 2:19 finish. The 168-second moment of silence for the OKC bombing victims was incredibly moving, and a woman in front of me at the start had a sign on her back that said: "RUNNING IN HONOR OF: DAD." That’s me in the lei, courtesy of the Mile 11 fluid station volunteers, and nice blood stain on my new shirt from chafing. But not bad form considering those timing mats are the finish line. . . . Jake at Bucco Blog would appreciate your vote for Best Sports Blog. . . . Might as well stay with The Three-Dot Lounge format here. That’s my nod for Bruce Jenkins and previously Herb Caen at the SF Chronicle. I’ve always loved three-dot columns. We don’t need no stinkin’ paragraphs unless I’m writing articles like this one on the homepage. I’d love to see someone blog about their bidding competition for a Jackie Jersey. Personally I love the Torii Hunter No. 42 version with that awesome reddish stain in front. Can someone tell me why it’s reddish? Can’t be the dirt, right? I wasn’t sure if they had a grass painting or if was a wall climb or what. . . CJ Wilson cracks me up. He definitely moves to the beat of a different drummer. One thing to know about him is that we never know when he will post; he does it all from his own computer. Some players will have a person facilitate "as told to" — very common in pro sports. You have to respect that they have schedules that sometimes require that, and either way it is the words coming from the mind of that person. But in his case, he just does his own MLBlogs and myspace thing like any of the rest of us do. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s just cool to think of a player going home after a game and getting on a laptop and managing the Typepad. His latest post is funny. Definitely should be a lot more comments there for a Major League pitcher, folks — again a unique opportunity that more people should be aware of. . . . Be on the lookout soon for an MLBlog from a famous movie director. . . . Where to "hang" before and after games in Milwaukee? New Brewers broadcaster Brian Anderson is sharing what he’s heard and taking advice at his House of Blogs. Say hi to him. Always nice when club personnel take the time to blog here with us. . . . Everyone have fun blogging. My legs still hurt and I’m amazed how beautiful the Bricktown park in Oklahoma City is. Great place to watch a game.


No, we closed down Mickey Mantle’s restaurant the night after the Saturday game and compounding my Half Marathon fun the next morning. But the player I went to visit there did rip one over the Coach’s sign at the restaurant you are talking about!

Mark – Did you eat in the resturant in left field at rhe bricktown park? Your right…great park…reminds me of a mini camden yards

Hello all,

Adding video to your site from MLB is really easy. The instructions for doing it are too complex for a comment here, so please feel free to e-mail me at for detailed instructions and visit my blog while you’re at it.

For a sample post that includes video, check out this one (Warning to Cubs Fans: What you are about to see is ugly, you may not want to look):

All I ask for in return is a shoutout of some kind on your blog (add my blog to your favorites, create a post about how great my blog is, or some other clever thing).

Also check out my favorite non baseball post so far:

Hope everyone out there is having a great day!


Will provide embeddable MLB video one of these days hopefully soon. Until then, some have figured out how to hack it…no instrux here, sorry. I had to figure out how to copy View Source from others and then put it into Edit HTML and adjust the code in places. To each their own on that front, Todd…will advise whenever we come out with the encouraged embeddable capability.


Congrats on another half-marathon! Reminds me that I need to get in shape myself😉 Quick question: Is there any way to link to video footage? Do we have this ability? I’m guessing no, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks.


P.S. Everyone check out my blog — it’s been a post a game covering Blue Jays history (we did win back-to-back World Series titles way back when, remember?)

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