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Hey, everyone. Random stuff here in the Sphere:

– Our friend Big Nate Chew is back in the blog house. Make sure to leave some comment love to the Detroit Tigers’ pitcher!

– THANKS to everyone who participated in our LET’S TURN TWO birthday
bash here at MLBlogs this week. The post below shows a lot of awesome
links to previous posts that your fellow MLBloggers are particularly
proud of…so make sure you click ’em!

– I wanted to see if anyone else is having an issue adding an item to a Typelist. I have been trying the last day to help Tommy add to his websites category and it times out and I get Internal Server Error. 6A is trying to replicate it, but I thought I would ask if anyone else is experiencing this as I don’t know if it’s a unique issue to his blog or my computer. UPDATED 2:32 PM ET FRIDAY: Six Apart operations team has fixed this issue; all’s well.

– Has anyone posted their first All-Star ballot blog yet? I mean
actually taking the screenshot of your voting results and then
inserting it into a post on your blog to show how it looked. Let us
know here so we can consider showcasing it on A blog is a
natural followup to the ASG vote, and you get 25 votes per
registration account here.

– FINALLY making my first-ever pilgrimage to Fenway Park — one of the few ballparks I somehow never have been to. Yankees at Red Sox, Saturday afternoon. I’m there. Awesome.

– Ran my latest Half-Marathon Saturday starting at Coney Island, now down to about 2 hours for a Half. Hopefully that means I’ll be inside of 4 1/2 hours for my first NYC Marathon in November. Any other runners here in this community? I’ve got a "Marathon Season" blog going on another site.

– Please remember the "http://" if you leave your URL on other blogs as a comment…so it’s a clickable breadcrumb to find you. I see some that don’t so people will have to cut and paste and no one does that.

– Haven’t done this in a while, so here are some Recently Updated Photo Albums. Be sure to add yours!


hey Mark!! It was good to see u around my way! I’m so glad to be bloggin with the Mlblogs family again. Thanks for having us =]
Hope all is splendid with u! Have a great weekend!!

– Lo


As usual, top notch service from you guys at MLBlogs. Thanks again for the help, have a great weekend!

Go Brewers!


Jason, anything like that, just comment here, best way to get action as our customer service at MLB Advanced Media doesn’t have anything to do with MLBlogs (or editorial content treatment. Glad we could help.

Steve, not sure why you had any problems with MLB.TV. I forwarded your comments to customer service, let me know if you haven’t heard anything.

Many, many thanks both for adding my blog to the Active Roster, and more importantly for promptly solving my problem! I greatly appreciate it. You’re awesome!

I am kicking myself for even trying it. Things like this always happen to me and I’m getting pretty frustrated by it.

Hey Steve,

I too had lots of trouble with MLB.TV last year… but we turned it into a fun little adventure at BHGM. Anyway, the best that you can do is just wait it out. Send them a few help tickets and keep calling when you’re not too busy. It may take them a few months but eventually they will get to you. They charged me twice for MLB.TV at the beginning of the season, but by the end of June my credit card was refunded the difference!

Jason – I’m sure after Mark sees this he will add you to the active roster. He’s the guy that controls that.


I too have have tons of trouble with getting through for help.. not for the blog, but for MLB.TV. I have now spent three days in a row on hold for 45, 55, and 50 minutes respectively and have hung up in disgust each time. I tried the MLB.TV 5 day “Risk Free” trial and decided to cancel since the games are very choppy on my computer (my problem not MLB’s). I cancelled after the 2nd day of the 5 day trial, following the steps given to do so, and received a confirmation e-mail. I just checked my Visa statement and was charged for the first month. I also get an e-mail every day about MLB.TV… the same e-mail telling me my card has been charged, etc (It’s like spam!). I have e-mailed support, left messages, sat on hold, and am sitting in the same position. I know this has nothing to do with MLBlogs, but I was hoping I could get a hand so I don’t get charged for something I cancelled and have not used since I did.

I know I probably come across as a complainer after my previous posts on Alyssa Milano… I’m really a pretty nice guy, just looking for help and making suggestions!



Hi guys, I could use some basic but seemingly impossible help to get through, MLBlogs, or my help tickets in my blog. I have maintained my new blog, Heartland Pinstripes, actively for more than the past month. Yet the blog or a description does not appear on the MLBlogs Active Roster on the front page (the section in the bottom middle next to “Recently Updated Weblogs”). MLB telephone help lines have been worse than not helpful but in fact worthless. After being on hold for a long time, then being disconnected, then calling back and again being on hold for a very long time, I was told to call a phone number in New York City that ended up being the commissioner’s office. Literally. They then gave me an Advanced Media number, and all they did was forward be back to MLB, which again was worthless.

All this was after I tried basic remedies, such as opening and sending a new help ticket through my own blog. The answer simply referred me to MLB, which not only has no answers but can’t seem to even locate people to steer me in the right direction.

If you might know where I may turn, or whom to contact, to solve what I initially thought would be a very easy thing to resolve, I would be most appreciative. Many thanks for your time and attention to this, and I’m sorry to have unloaded all this on you.

Hey guys,

I wrote a post about the Mariners $107 million payroll. Apparently I posted at a bad time because I haven’t really gotten a lot of readership on it, anyway… It’s the first post I’ve written since I got back that I am actually proud of, so think of it as a welcome back gift. Check it out and leave your thoughts.



Hey Mark … I have no complaints with Alyssa Milano, for two reasons:
1) her favorite player is Russell Martin (a Canadian)

2) she’s doing work in Uganda, where it is badly needed


that’s OK, you just did by leaving your URL. everyone check out charliepics…

Dang…. My photo album would be on there if you put 2 or 3 more… (:

Mark, Glad you had an awesome day at Fenway!
RSC wasn’t there, glad you didn’t say hi. She is there tonight.

Great Picture on the opening page of MLBlog!


Camille: Thanks…her comments say it all. Hey, I might have seen RSC yesterday if she was wearing green, didn’t get a chance to shout hi in case it was her…had an awesome ballpark date at Fenway…my first game there…will blog about it later probably.

Arielle: Great to hear from you again and will be looking for liveblogs!

Just wanted to let you know, I have a spontaneous liveblog going on at the moment.

Mark, I am really starting to have a good time on MLBLOG, but, you just compared alyssa milano with David Wright.
What does pushing a clothing line have to do with being a Major League Pitcher?

The only reason I even go to MLBlogs is to read about Baseball.

Okay, I get the first day, but all week?

There was an awful lot of baseball going on out there that could have been highlighted.

Sorry to disagree with you.



Steve, you brought up a good subject and I may blog about it later. We help facilitate blogs for high-profile people who are interested. After that, it is completely up to the individual and it always will be. David felt overextended doing it this season, and you can imagine that his demands (including his community interests) only increased after the 2006 season he had. Dan Haren was one of my favorites here but same thing, and in his case he had a wedding upcoming as well. We will keep opening doors and then it’s up to the individual. Alyssa is really psyched about the feedback on her MLBlog and how it is spreading like wildfire around the overall blogosphere with all the inbound links. She loves to talk baseball as you can see…then it will be up to her whether she’s still doing that a year from now. No different than any other blogging community…some stay, some come and go, but everyone’s experiencing it now and that’s cool. Thanks.

And where is David Wright this season! I hope she isn’t a one season wonder like it seems he was. I would hate to have you guys spend a ton of time pumping up her blog just to have her vanish by June, while all of the dedicated bloggers (here before her, and long after) continue posting some really good content.

Looking forward to all of the All Star coverage and the new showcasing of Bloggers. Should be pretty cool!

Thanks for the acknowledgement!



Steve: Thanks for your input. From to to countless more blogs around the Internet, it’s something that people are talking about BECAUSE it is badass content. She will be on’s Bottom Line at 3:25 p.m. ET on Monday to talk baseball and changing the landscape for women’s ballpark fashion as well. She’s been displayed at about similarly to what we did with David Wright when his blog was launched here last year. In any case, not as scientific as you might think and have been swamped with ASG ballot launch this week. We will be doing something new with the Fan Forum main page on shortly that will showcase MLBloggers in a new way as well. Thanks again.

Jason: Problem resolved (see in blog update above).

Dan: Start easy and finish hard, my man. Can’t wait to hear about that Music City Marathon. I’m only running twice this week and will get it back up to 30m/wk around early May, then will start my own 16-wk marathon program (update me on yours) while I’m in San Francisco working the All-Star week.

Zack: It’s the last “old” one I haven’t seen. The only AL ballpark I haven’t been to is Safeco, and the guy who sits next to me here at the HQ says it’s the best in the Majors. (Comerica is by far my favorite, The Jake second.) As for the NL, I haven’t been to Coors Field, the new PETCO, Citizens Bank Park (going sometime early summer), Miller Park, Great American Ball Park, Chase Field and AT&T Park (which I’ll hit in July). Wow, until writing that I never realized how unbalanced my ballpark history is.

I never thought I would say this, but I am kinda sick of Alyssa Milano. She has been the splash on the MLBlogs main page for almost every day this week. I’d like to see the love shared with some of the other bloggers that write good stuff out on MLBlogs and sometimes don’t get any mention on the main screen, other than their names listed when they update. I understand MLB really wants to push her and her new clothing line, which I like by the way, but it should be done in moderation. I will read her posts cause they are interesting (and probably would even if her name was Jane Doe and I had never heard of her), but she needs to be featured a whole lot less than she is right now. I have been featured a few times and really appreciated it… I’m guessing others may feel the same. It’s just an opinion…. anyone else agree or am I nuts for thinking this?

Thanks again for all you guys at MLBlogs do… it is appreciated!


No Fenway ’til now?! Shame on you.


How many MLB stadiums have you been to? Of those, how many no longer exist?

-The Baseball Collector

Mark, great to hear you are coming to visit our beautiful ballpark. Wish we had tickets for Saturday instead of Sunday, we could have met up.
Maybe next time. Enjoy your time at Fenway!


Congrats on the half-marathon, that’s awesome. I run my first marathon next Saturday in Nashville. I’m hoping for warm (but not too warm) weather, and lots of encouragement from the crowds. We should try to get a MLBlogs “virtual” running group together. Any blogger who runs should post a map of their running route and/or favorite tunes for their iPod/mp3 player. Keep on running!

I’ve had an issue adding things to a typelist, but it’s only been when I use the little URL box.


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