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At 12:20 p.m. ET, MLBlogs officially turned two. That’s two years old, and the exact anniversary of the moment when Tommy Lasorda’s World was created as the first public MLBlog account (see his birthday greeting.) A few others followed that day, including Murray Cook’s groundskeeping blog. The range of diversity since then has been a blast to watch from this vantage point, and fans continue to find new reasons to subscribe to an MLBlog with their own team or MLB template.


Maybe you noticed that this has been a huge deal on the top of the MLB.com homepage all day, too. So I’m there on top of MLB.com with millions of other fans, and I click on the image and it goes straight to names like Bleeding Pinstripes and Light It Up! and The Drunken Tacoman. (I still am not sure if that means he likes to eat tacos late at night or just a happy Mariners fan in Tacoma…but we are immensely glad to have someone actively blogging the Mariners.) Here is a screen shot of the MLB.com homepage. Just think about that traffic routing — you can’t find that anywhere else in the blogosphere if you want a baseball audience, but you can try. And you also can’t use official marks or logos on your blog anywhere else without getting harrassed, because it’s illegal. We’re having a great time around here today, and good to see friends like Reid back in the house!

It looks like we are celebrating by creating MLBlogs at a faster pace than at any point in that two-year run. And it also looks like the overall blogosphere has officially discovered that Alyssa Milano has an exclusive baseball blog right here. Inbound links are forming fast as the comments and questions pile up for that fourth-year Dodger season-ticket holder, and I was just looking at the admin tool here and amazed by how many MLBlogs already have been created since her "touch ’em all" blog was created at the end of last week. All those people coming to the MLBlogosphere to find Alyssa’s blog also are going to find Recently Updated Weblogs by you, and that kind of perfect contextual traffic management is another key reason people here are paying a little to blog a lot. Some of you are probably going to like pocket protectors.

Blog as often as you can to keep in the Recently Updated Weblogs. That’s still the best traffic tip, and the second one is to comment with sincerity on other MLBlogs (don’t spam) and always remember to leave your URL as a breadcrumb. Many people still forget to include the URL and then people have no way to find you, although the email should work. Also look at other "Spheroids" on this blog and email us with your answers to those questions.

To celebrate MLBlogs turning two, I would like to ask this simple question that we are drawing attention to at MLBlogs.com around for this birthday bash:

What was your best MLBlogs post? Please link to two of them and tell us why.

Just make that a comment right here on this blog so all can see, and all can find you. Thanks to Edward for the comment below that listed two favorite posts…I like that better than asking for just one because we just turned two!!! Thanks for making MLBlogs one of the coolest places to share your baseball life year-round. It might look a lot different later this year, but it has been a fun and educational run. TURN TWO BABY!


Keeping a blog is a lot like searching for that perfect swing. A lot of fine-tuning, experimentation and frustration. Thus, I don’t have a favourite post, as none are worthy of perfection. Much like Ted Williams though, you can bet I’ll continue to search for it …


My two best posts? I don’t know if they’re the two best, but these are the two I thought of first:

Why Eric Byrnes?



The Eric Byrnes Pitch Count Report or Why Let the Computer Do It All For You?


my take on technology-assisted baseball viewing.

Happy B’day to us, Happy B’day to us, Happy B’day MLBlogs, Happy B’day to us!

“What was your best MLBlogs post? Please link to two of them and tell us why.”

“Astros are Thunderstruck”


“Ben Sheet’s Bush”



Cause everybody loved em. :))

Comeon Charlie.. THE kewlest? hehe

Jake at Bucco Blog


Where the Pirates are always On!

Yeah, that ‘Greatest Play of all Time’ is an internet phenomenon. For some reason it has just exploded… There are a ton of links to it on different sports message boards and the like. For example, just today…:

It is kind of surreal to read message boards where people are quoting your own work. Haha.



Happy 2nd Birthday MLBlogs!

(I wonder what MLBlogs’ “terrible twos” will entail)🙂


Hey, just noticed Reid went for the greatest play of all time. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

I will never get bored of watching that play. Never.

Feel a bit cheeky but…

Remember this?


Live blog number 2 coming right up… 9 minutes to first pitch.

Happy Birthday MLBlogs!



I hope everyone is having fun today with this! We have been promoting MLBlogs today from one of the big panels on top of the MLB.com homepage…you can’t get more visibility than that for a baseball blog on the Internet! It’s great to see everyone’s favorite posts. One thing you guys love to do is talk about your blogs!!!


Ah, Happy Birthday. Mark, don’t know if you noticed, but I am still around. Just a little quieter than the last two years.
So my two best posts, that’s hard. But I would have to go with…



The second is a tough one. Rick James, Canadian invasions, magicians, alpaca commercials, and lying minor leaguers, we’ve covered it all. Here’s a little index:


Well, I’m back.



Baseball has a lot of poetry in it and so I think it’s fitting to enjoy the great game with rhyme and meter. Hope you enjoy my poems and blogs.I’m just getting started so I’d love some feedback.

You mean THE coolest?!


A year sure goes by quickly hey?! I still remember last year’s first anniversary and my celebratory liveblog. I may repeat that actually, seeing as tomorrow’s Rays game is 3.10ET (and its Kaz pitching!). Watch this space!

Anyhow, I thought I’d share my two favourite posts (though it was hard to pick, apparently I’m easily impressed with my own writing!).

The first one is a little tribute to Carl Crawford from his birthday last year.


And the second is part two of my 2006 RAPAs. Well worth a read, even if I do say so myself!



Happy birthday to us!!

Okay, since everyone else is giving two entries, I’ll do the same. The first was when I played catch with Heath Bell and got Ryan Speier’s glove on the same day at Shea:


The other was when I caught Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run in San Diego:


The post I received the most response to was on why The Babe never got the managerial job he wanted:


But my favorite was this one about Hall of Fame Game Weekend in 2005, when my favorite team came to Cooperstown, and my daughter had the chance to show her favorite player her appreciation:


Favorite posts…

Chad Cordero’s Brim – (Best responses from commenters on blog collected for real fun and funny post.)



7/6/06 post inspired by the first time I got to here Vin Scully single handedly call a Dodgers game thanks to MLB.tv…


Pac-Man commercial breaks are better than Pong. Thanks for (close to)2 years Mark and all at MLBlogs.

edward- dcdaily.mlblogs.com

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