MLBlogs Active Roster updated

This has been an especially busy time for the creation of new MLBlogs, and all the rookies have been added to the MLBlogs Active Roster browse-by-team page. Just click a team or MLB template there as they are sorted alphabetically by anchor link. That is quite a variety of new bloggers, as is usually the case around here. Players, broadcasters, fans, media…the gamut. I see that CJ Wilson just posted a link to Akinori Otsuka’s Japanese blog — anyone have suggestions on how to make that one an MLBlog as well? Will comp anyone who can translate Japanese (it would be backchecked occasionally) in case Aki would be interested in us posting it simultaneously as an MLBlog. And thanks to Curtis Granderson for answering a batch of MLBloggers’ emails. Leave him some comment love and email him your own questions about the national pastime. Or post your own thoughts about it.

It’s been awesome to have baseball games on the office monitor here the past week. Life is almost good again. Bring on April.


The more I know about Curtis, the more I like him.

Excellent! Thanks for updating the search-by-team list.


Thanks for putting me on it!


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