Remembering “Mad Dog”

Dave Cadwell was known to many in the MLBlogs community for much of our first two years as the person behind the Yankee blog Mad Dog Reports and Maddog’s World Cup Reports during soccer’s big 2006 event. We are sad to report that Dave passed away last month. His fiancee, Michele Brickner, emailed to see if we could provide a copy of Dave’s interview on the "Under the Lights" radio show that is still archived with others on the homepage — so that Dave’s surviving children can hear his voice whenever they need to. It was a good voice, and a friendly and spirited one to all of us around here. And that voice is missed.

Michele just emailed us the following that we thought everyone should see:

"I got the file, and it was wonderful hearing his voice again. And I am sure that his kids will feel the same way. You are more than welcome to mention Dave’s passing to the blog community. He died on January 13, 2007 from a heart attack. If you would like, you can mention the memorial website I am creating. It is not done yet, but it will be complete by March 13, 2007. The address is Blogging brought Dave such pleasure (we were even trying to use it to get him into sports writing). Thank you for all your help."

Our condolences to Michele and Dave’s family.


Does anyone know who I can contact about this blog “Remembering “Mad Dog”

Thanks for your help.


I am very sad to hear about mad dog. I emailed him a couple times about asking about blogs and he was very nice and replied all my emails. I am sad to hear about him passing away. We will miss you.

I am very heartbroken to read this news😦
Dave was our bud…i cant believe this…😥

May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

– Lo

Very sad news….dave was a nice guy and a friendly yankee fan…his love blogging of the world cup last summer was great and thats how I came to know him…he will be missed, my condolencesto his freinds and family.

Like Zack, I only knew Dave via a couple of emails and comments left on each others blogs.But when I sit here saddened at the news I had just read I know an impression was made on me. You will be missed Dave.

Very sad news Mark. In a short time last year around the time of the World Cup, I think I found a friend. I’ll miss him.
Condolences to Michelle, the kids and his family.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our community has certainly taken a hit (and from one of the good guys…). He’s one of us and will not be forgotten – all hail the Mad Dog!!

Mark, I’m so sad…thank you for sharing this news.

As I’ve written elsewhere, Dave was my “Yankees fan” here at MLBlogs. We emailed each other all during last season and he was always quick to comment on my blog (especially when I got into it with Yankees fans!).

He even mentioned me during that radio interview because he loved the idea that Yankees and Red Sox fans could get along.

I’ll miss him.

Dave’s “hijacking” of MLBlogs during the World Cup was one of 2006’s unexpected highlights. Passionate, informed, and immensely good natured. He was really terrific.

My condolences to his family and loved ones.

Matt / Diamondhacks

Oh my God, I’m stunned and deeply saddened to hear this news. I emailed Mad Dog several times last year. He was always a positive presence on my blog, and though I never got to know him THAT well, I will miss him quite a bit. I send my condolences to both families.

-The Baseball Collector

I think I speak for all Red Sox fans in passing along condolences to Dave’s family. Although we might not always play nice, Sox fans and Yanks fans have a tremendous amount in common. And it’s heartbreaking to see anybody, especially one of our own – a passionate baseball fan — and a father pass before his time. Our thoughts are with Dave and his loved ones.


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