Hats off to MLBloggers

I wrote this article tonight on the MLB.com homepage about our new 39THIRTY and 59FIFTY caps (coming in mid-March to the Shop) from New Era, and it will be interesting to see what MLBloggers have to say about the new authentics that players are wearing now around Spring Training and soon in meaningful games. The game cap will be 100 percent polyester so say goodbye to a long history of wool. The BP cap is 68 percent poly and 32 percent wool. Lots of players love them, some players don’t. One thing I have learned about being around MLB for a long time now is that any change means widely different reactions. In this case, the most important thing is that the new caps already have proven their vapor/moisture management on the fields of Spring Training, so paramount is how it helps the athletes. I happen to be a long distance runner in marathon training now, and just 2 months ago I learned the meaning of the word "wicking" for the first time after asking another runner. I think these are pretty amazing changes to the old baseball cap. Anyone have one yet?

It’s cool to see familiar MLBloggers spring back to life lately. Take Scott Reifert, the White Sox VP of Communications who revolutionized professional sports communication by becoming the first team exec to maintain a daily blog for a large populace, thus filtering out the Chicago media. He’s back for his third season of bloging. Take Kenns Korner. (Apostrophe not his.) Or Kyle Farnsworth is my Bodyguard. And then consider all these new and positively unique blogs that are popping up in the Rookies list on the MLBlogs.com homepage. Like Nick the Twins Fan, who just predicted that his team will be the team to beat in the American League. And the funny thing about that is, even with Brad Radke retired and Francisco Liriano out for the year, one can look at how unpredictable this era is and not find Nick’s view outrageous. Whatever you all are predicting as the majority opinion, let me know so I can be sure to cross that off my list of Fall 2007 possibilities. I am already getting a kick out of the preseason baseball publications, because it is the biggest lock on Earth that whatever most of them are predicting will look really dumb several months from now. No offense to any of them, as I used to work for a baseball magazine (Sporting News). It’s just that this decade is having fun making prognosticators look silly. Repeat after us: Just get your team into the postseason, and then there is no favorite whatsoever.

So right now I’m kind of liking Rangers over Rockies and a huge resurgence by Sammy Sosa under new manager Ron Washington. Mostly, I like Texas because of 100 percent polyester caps that are going to keep players cooler than ever in a hot Arlington summer.


Thanks for posting. But that’s not insensitivity, and many of us at MLB have worked with Craig many times to help support Sunshine Kids — self included. It’s an MLB uniform policy and it can’t be monitored individually. Interestingly enough, good has come of the mere discussion. Here is what our MLB.com correspondent Alyson Footer wrote about it, and thanks again for posting your comment. – Mark

Bright side: If the flap over the controversy surrounding Craig Biggio’s Sunshine Kids pin did any good, it’s that the support group for kids with cancer has gained a great deal of national attention.

In the three days since Biggio aired his displeasure toward Major League Baseball’s request that he remove the Sunshine Kids pin from his hat — presumably because he was in violation of the league’s uniform rules — the Sunshine Kids have been inundated with fans wishing to make donations to the charity.

Those who wish to make a contribution, or obtain a Sunshine Kids pin, can do so at http://www.sunshinekids.org . On the donation form, specifically request a pin and one will be mailed.

I could not believe that MLB would be so insensitive as to force Craig Biggio to remove a badge for the Sunshine Kids (A organization for kids with cancer.) This is a program for which Craig is the national spokesperson. Both he and his wife are active financially and have given gerously of their time. He has never worn the badge in a game. Only in spring training and during the photo shoots for baseball cards.

Hey man, go after the steroid users, the felons, etc. Leave the kids alone.

Now the link is different, but still wrong. I hate to be a pest… but it goes to an mlb error page, and I don’t want anyone to think I’ve skipped town! ^_^



Hey, Kelly. Sorry about that and we’ll get that fixed asap!

Glad to see I finally made the “Active Roster”… but the link there is wrong (“mlb” instead of “mlblogs” in the URL). Is there anyone to whom I can write?



New caps? I don’t own any yet, but I say: BRING IT ON.

-The Baseball Collector

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