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If you haven’t gotten in your comments to J-Rod yet, then jump right in. Cardinals outfielder John Rodriguez is the first player to resume MLBlogging after the winter, and he says he is ready for the job battle to come in that Redbird outfield. Nice to have J-Rod back. More players to come. Don’t forget to include your MLBlog’s URL whenever you post a comment anywhere. And while we’re on the subject of Cardinals,’s Matthew Leach captures the moment just right.

Please welcome our latest MLBlog from a Major League front office. This one is Friar John’s Blog, taking the domain. There will be regular updates from the club through that as more MLB teams gradually use this technology as a direct pipeline for two-way communication with fans. No mainstream media as the go-between. It’s also interesting that Padres blogging is starting to come alive around here. It was mostly high and dry through last season for that template, but a few have been started just recently, including San Diego Padres Mom and Padres 7th Inning Stretch News. With Buddy Black at the helm and Greg Maddux and Marcus Giles on the roster, there is more buzz than ever about the Padres going into a season…judging by their recent FriarFest.

What is 1961 Yankee Stadium Replica all about? Just another unique way to make an MLBlog work for you. I’m going to have to go check out the replica over at Mickey Mantle’s.

On a personal note, yesterday was a huge runner’s high. I registered for my first marathon — the 2007 ING New York City Marathon. I appreciate the kind support of friends I have made here over the last couple of years. Got my orange shoelaces and everything. Nov. 4, 26.2 miles, finishing in my little training center called Central Park. Will try to keep a base around 25 miles/wk between now and the All-Star break, when 16-week training would begin. If there are any distance runners in this community, please let me know and maybe we can hook up for a race. I didn’t know that my fellow and MLBlogs colleague Jason Beck is a marathoner as well.

Becca the Bullpen Baker has some ticket talk to share with you. Drop by and leave some comment love, and maybe she’ll bake you some cookies!

If anyone is still encountering difficulties in getting past the URL creation screen in trying to start their MLBlogs, we greatly apologize and people are still looking into possible causes. That one apparently has been baffling, and it doesn’t come at a great time with Spring Training opening and everyone at full tilt. I’m sure we can help people out so hang in there if that includes you and sorry.

Sometimes our former intern Herbie says it best.

Please be on the lookout Wednesday for my Valentine’s Day story on the homepage and most homepages. I guarantee you it will be something special to blog about and we will have some fun with it on the homepage that day. In fact, if anyone wants to get some nice PR for their MLBlog, go ahead and blog now about why you love the greatest game in the world. And you will recognize one blogger from here in my story, whose help we appreciate.

Everyone have a great Valentine’s Day here from MLBlogs!


Yes, it’s nice to see all of these Padres blogs popping up, and all of them are so different! It’s fantastic as a Padres fan to have so many great points of view.

I’m finally fully recovered from my horrible Bronchitis, back to blogging, just in time for Spring Training, eh?

My new Mets blog (The Blue, Orange, and White Blog) has just opened up–stop by and tell me what you think…

Today is February 16th. ERIC BYRNES’ BIRTHDAY and, as far as I’m concerned, the start of the 2007 baseball season. So I’ve decorated and done some spring cleaning on the Byrnesblog. I still have to finish my analytical articles, but it’s 2:30 a.m. so I’m going to catch some Z’s.


Diane, if you ever experience like that please report as a Help ticket to Six Apart inside your software. That way it gets to the right people as 6A hosts our blogs. Thanks. – Mark

anyone else having trouble posting today? my connection to the mlb server keeps timing out

Much love to all, even Seth McClung.

-The Baseball Collector

Honk Honk!!!

INSIDE PITCH’s NL East Hot Stove Report Card is in.

Each week we will review and analyze another division.

If you want to catch up on all the offseason moves and how they effect each team’s chances going into 2007 come to INSIDE PITCH and read all about it!

Carl The Cabbie

I’m a lifelong Red Sox fan, but I did adopt Red Sox West last year and in the process met some terrific Padres fans. My blog is all photography; I’ve done an entry on Cla Meredith

and will probably get to another on the Padres in general or on Trevor setting the record in particular before I get my cameras down to this year’s action in Spring Training!


Feel free to read my essay on why baseball is special to me, and share your own experiences on BoSox Banter.


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