Baseball is almost here

First of all, our new friend Scott just left this comment about three posts down on this here community blog, so might as well get it front-and-center:

there… I didn’t really know where this fit in, but I wanted to let
you know about a brand new blog that is going to focus on the lovable
losers from Tampa, the D-Rays (as well as delve into other
baseball-related topics)…


Please be sure to welcome him and all other Rookies (listed on the homepage) to the Sphere. Nothing better than some comment love, right?

This is the time of year when the number of new blogs are about to shoot way up. Everyone’s team has the hope of a World Series title. Then the standings start to get real, and a little more real, and then we’re left with a bunch of bloggers who have the patience of 162 games or love what they see so far or are just really hardcore baseball fans. We love you guys.

No news to announce yet, but there are going to be some dramatic enhancements to the community and consumer content space at It’s going to be the most fun year ever. Everything you can imagine, pretty much count on it or share whatever you see missing as the year goes along. Some of it may be gradual. Just imagine a 2007 World Series where all fans are producing and sharing video and pics and truly a part of the in-crowd. We’ll keep you posted here.

Who’s going to be blogging live from Spring Training? Let us know. Please invite fellow fans here as well. It all starts next week…baseball is almost here again. An MLBlog also is a cool way to share and chronicle everything about your fantasy draft for other league members.

Nice to see the Royals using their Around the Horn in KC MLBlog to take everyone inside their ongoing Royals 2007 Fantasy Camp. The Mets created one for their recent fantasy camp as well and loaded it with some cool pictures for the participants to share.

Barry Zito will be blogging again soon here. I’ve never seen any pro athlete match what he did last October, when he blogged right there in the A’s clubhouse immediately after he outdueled Johan Santana to start off the postseason. The new Giants ace still will be right at home around the Bay Area’s bloggerati. Stay tuned for that one and many more.


Here is my Padres Blog that needs to be added under the San Diego Padres…..

How many new bloggers are there that have started since 2/5. The people at Six Apart told me “The login process has been changed recently by It would be best to contact them directly for further assistance as the login is redirected to their servers.” My guess is that there may be a problem with the code behind this new login process that is preventing many people from getting access to their blogs, but none of these people have found this blog to try and get help. Especially since getting help directly from through contact us links or the phone numbers is useless since no one has answers or returns messages. I would be willing to give you my login and password and a dozen options for domains through e-mail so you know I am not crazy and am helpless at this point. I e-mailed a screenshot of the screen I can’t get past to Please reply to that e-mail and I will e-mail my info for you to try.

I have tried literally 50. One should have hit. I see others with the name of the team they blog for in it, so I don’t think that is the issue. And they are not dirty or derogitory in any way. When I called for help, Wendi told me she has a list of people that are having the same issue.

stevedempsey: because they have active MLBlogs and it defaults to their first name in other comments. In the blog software, you can choose whether to make your comment show up as your name or email, I am using email here on mine. I still don’t know why you are the only known fan unable to get past the domain selection screen. Did you try a different URL? We have blocked hundreds, maybe thousands, of possible URLs.

Latest blog signups have been reflected in MLBlogs Active Roster team-by-team browse page on Drop-down is on the homepage.

Why does my e-mail show up instead of my name like Zach, Steve, Scott, and Trevor? I guess I would prefer to have my name displayed than my e-mail address (even though it just takes clicking on the name link to get the e-mail address to display). Only reason I ask is that I started getting spam to that address and never had before posting – don’t know if it’s because of that or what. I may create a new gmail address specific to my blog once I get it up and running! Probably a dumb question, but I am a beginner to this whole thing.

Thanks again!


Thanks, Mark.

I’m dealing with a troll these days…perhaps not bad enough to report, so for now I’ll just keep deleting all of this person’s comments.

-The Baseball Collector

Zack, click Registration on top of the homepage and change password in your account. You can’t block IP addresses here. Any trolls whose registration (and thus comment capability) hasn’t been terminated yet by our Customer Service will do so upon my prompt, so please let me know any strong examples. Otherwise you all are your own moderators.

Stevedempsey: Will follow up with you offline.

Steve of, will make sure you’re added. Thanks for being part of The Show.

Hey Mark! I’ll try not be insulted that you haven’t spotlighted my new blog yet. It’s been a couple of weeks already. Show this new Red Sox blogger some Active Roster love, would ya?



I can’t wait to start blogging… but still can’t get past the domain selection screen (! I paid for my blog space, but am stuck until someone fixes this page… I’ve been waiting 4 days. Any ideas on what to do to get started?

Thanks for the shoutout! I hope everyone enjoys my bloggings!🙂


I wish I were going to be live-blogging from Spring Training.

I have two questions about MLBlogs/settings:

1. How can I change my password?

2. Is it possible to block comments from a specific IP address and/or email address?


-The Baseball Collector

I will be blogging live from spring training, mostly covering the Cubs, Giants, Athletics and Angels. My blog is

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