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Someday, I *WILL* attend a Mets fantasy camp. Oh yes, oh yes…

Honk, Honk

Every year I do my crosstown rivals a solid (probably cause they were my favorite team as a child)- I write an expose on the Yankees.

This year my topic is Brian Cashman. In this latest expose from INSIDE PITCH I project the future of the Yankees and analyze the job Cashman has done since he won his latest power struggle with the “Tampa Mafia”.

If you are a diehard Yankee fan, you might want to check out what this longtime Mets fan has to say, you might be surprised.

Come to Inside Pitch to read “Cashman Delivers!”

Carl the Cabbie


Oh, and don’t be intimidated by its length. I wrote it in a manner where each bit a cup of coffee at a time.

Thanks for posting my Photo Album!


I will stump you, yet, Mark! I’m making it my mission now.



How do I change my password? I forgot my password once and I still have one of those ‘hg6hf7sh’ passwords.

BTW, please use alphanumeric passwords here, no asterisks.

Fixed, blog on.

ok guys – I don’t know what happened to the login server the other day but I can’t get logged in to my pirate report site. It keeps coming up with a message saying:

“The form was not submitted because of the following

error(s): – Password – Standard Characters Only.”

After two days of emails with Six Apart I’ve gotten nowhere.

Who can assist? Anyone to call so this can be dealt with in a timely manner?



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