MLBlogs History Lesson

Now is a good time to give a shout-out to the person who is the longest-tenured of all active MLBloggers here in The Show. That would be Diane Firstman of Diamonds are for Humor. We were just reminded of that while reading Diane’s comments all over the MLBlogosphere about viewing prospects for the 2007 season (no comment here), and also because Diane asked such a good question on my previous post (my first Half-Marathon yesterday was 2:30.03, 13.1 miles in 14-degree wind chill at Central Park and thank you for asking!). Here is a quick look at the history of MLBlogs, worth noting since this is such a fluid business in the Web 2.0 world of consumer control:

4/08/2005: First MLBlog created, test blog by the founder of Six Apart, Ben Trott.
4/18/2005: First public MLBlog by Tommy Lasorda, about pal Jackie Robinson.
4/18/2005: First staffer’s MLBlog by Jonathan Mayo, 3:34 later.
4/20/2005: First MLB broadcaster’s MLBlog by Daron Sutton, then with Brewers.
4/20/2005: The Baseball Collector pre-cult status, but officially then as an MLBAM employee.
4/21/2005: This MLBlog is created.
4/25/2005: First road trip MLBlog, Ballpark Tour of Duty, created for two Iraq veterans.
4/28/2005: First Hall of Fame player launches MLBlog, Brooks Robinson.
4/29/2005: First MLBlogs "cup of coffee", Go Yanks Go 2005, 8:46 a.m.
4/29/2005: Debut of Ashlee’s now-dormant "and this one belongs to the Reds!", 10:31 a.m.
4/29/2005: Diamonds are for Humor created, 12:42 p.m., now longest-active fan blog.
6/03/2005: Brian Anderson, then with KC, becomes first active player with MLBlog.
6/06/2005: Scott Reifert’s revolutionary Inside the White Sox MLBlog launched, club-to-fan.
6/30/2005: First rock star MLBlog, former Creed guitarist/Damon neighbor Mark Tremonti.
7/30/2005: All-time MLBlogs fan-blog traffic leader Cyn launches Red Sox Chick.
8/05/2005: First MLBlog dedicated to one Major Leaguer is created by Kellia.
8/11/2005: First known baseball blog by NYC taxi driver — Carl’s Inside Pitch.
10/10/2005: Shaun Dean catches Berkman/Burke HR balls, creates MLBlog to tell about it.
10/29/2005: First known use of Google ads on MLBlog, White Sox Fan Message Board.
11/03/2005: Once Oscar Madison, Jack Klugman becomes MLBlogger.
1/10/2006: First mascot MLBlog, by Raymond.
1/30/2006: First MLBlog dedicated to companion animals, Tony La Russa’s ARF blog.
3/01/2006: MLB Prez Bob DuPuy saves first post to Bob’s Classic Chronicles in San Juan.
3/30/2006, 4/12/2006: First Spanish/English MLBlogs created by same person, Rafael.
4/18/2006: Hammer Time.
4/26/2006: The King’s Game is first to post book on MLBlog.
4/30/2006: First father-son MLBlog team: Some Ballyard/Metsville.
5/24/2006: David Wright chooses name for his MLBlog from comments posted on his blog.
6/09/2006: Hall of Fame Prez Dale Petroskey debuts MLBlog.
10/03/2006: Barry Zito outduels Johan Santana and instantly blogs about it in clubhouse.
October 2006: Nate Roberton‘s GuestMap push-pinned all over world.
10/29/2006: Chris Young starts blogging from Japan.
1/22/2007: First club Fantasy Camp MLBlog, from the Mets.
Still awaiting: First real Mariners bog. Hello, Seattle!

UPDATED 8:10 PM TUESDAY: We mentioned Michael Norton of Some Ballyard in that list, and we at MLBlogs send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to our friend there after heart surgery. MLBloggers have benefitted from his tech tips, not to mention his mere presence here in the ‘Sphere. Thanks to our friend Matt at Diamondhacks for alerting us to this via email as well…good thing you all aren’t relying on me for news. Let’s get Michael better and blogging again.

There have been many other milestones such as our first blogging groundskeeper on the same day Tommy launched, and obviously everyone who has ever signed up for an MLBlog has a space here that is as important as anyone else’s. That’s what has made MLBlogs so fun to be around for nearly two years now. Let me know if one definitely needs to be included on this list. So, what will this place look like on Opening Day? That is impossible to say right now. But all posted text will be preservable/exportable no matter what. I just thought it was worth giving a shout-out to people like Diane for being part of growing this area, and recapturing a bit of our story. Because so many people are coming and going from blog to blog like gusts of wind, from social network to social network, as this still-nascent world slowly matures. A new profile here, a new password there. Some have stuck with it a long time here, people like Jake at Bucco Blog who give tips to other MLBloggers and reflect the spirit of the community. Thanks to everyone. At least you know MLB itself is there for sure, century in and century out. And it will be back before you know it.

By the way, I just noticed that the very first MLBlog post ever saved, that one by Six Apart on April 8, 2005, was with a CUBS template. The Red Sox had just done the impossible and won a world championship. Would the Cubs be next? Maybe that was the thinking. Perhaps this will be their year instead. Next year is almost here again.




Reid, great to have you back. I need to add one of your posts to the history list — the one where you told everyone how to put archives.html at the end of URLs here.

Hey everyone,

I just made another post at BHGM, the first in the last 2 months. I would appreciate it if you guys could leave a few comments to get some discussion started so we’ve got something to talk about.


Thank you!

Cyn’s issue sent to GM of Typepad who is conferring with 6A Ops on the matter.

Thank you for the RedSoxChick mention.

I wanted to let Cyn know it was on your blog but for some strange reason I cannot comment on her blog.(quite a few people are having the same problem.)

I noticed you had no problem commenting😉


…With the international development taking off i need to get some volunteers to help me with the field renovations…are you up for it? …thanks for the mention and as always, looking forward to blogging dirt!

Marc – going to have to give you an A- on your blog history. Groundskeeping blog .. 4/18/05. It sure doesnt sound like that was a long time ago!

Marc, thanks for the suggestion. If anyone wants to maintain that, I would happily provide a comp MLBlog account to do so. The one proviso is that, as noted here often, MLBAM’s Web 2.0 presence is TBA for Opening Day. Maybe it will still be something like MLBlogs, or maybe this will be Ebbets Field replaced by Chavez Ravine. Who knows. I suggest waiting but holding that (very good) thought.

BTW, if you have an active MLBlog I would always put your URL at the bottom of your post as a PR breadcrumb.

Has there ever been any thought to, during the season, having a MLBlog that compiles the best-of-the-best blog entries from various fans reacting to the previous night’s game action or news? You could perhaps have 10 blogs entries from various blogs and merge it into one blog… sort of like the morning’s sports page? It would give incentive for fans to continue writing and the MLBlog itself would help advertise the fans’ individual blogs and hopefully increase traffic.

First in war,
First in peace,

And first in the hearts of you countrymen

ain’t a bad way to feel!

BTW, I’ll be writing something about the TV Situation as soon as things get down to a dull roar around here. I have me first interview about me poetry book this afternoon and then have to engineer the newscast with the SOTU address in there somewhere.

Mark: Congrats on the Half-Marathon. 14 degree wind chill?! BRRRR! I thought the Northeast was having a heat wave.

Thanks for the mention.


Life, Baseball & A Guy Who Should Get 5M This Year!

Why do I feel like George Washington all of a sudden?🙂

Thanks for the mention …

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