Another MLBlog

ST. LOUIS — Pausing here to maintain Cardinals Winter Warmup blog. Feel free to join there, especially if you have any allegiance to the world champs.


Oh. Guess I missed it! Thanks,


“In the Cards” has been and still is in the MLBlogs Active Roster.

Mark, I accidently deleted my blog about two weeks ago, but created it again pretty quickly and have everything running smoothly again. Is there any way you can get it back in the featured blogs section? It was there before, but now it’s not even on the rookie blogs.
If you can’t, don’t worry about it, it’s no biggie.



Email your responses to nine questions in previous Spheroids to If I can find it amid the spam there it will be a candidate. Doing less of these lately, not sure about continuing them. Thanks.

Thanks for that. Also, if I want to answer the questions for a “Spheroid”, how do I go about that. Do I e-mail you the answers and you guys add all the cool pictures and stuff? Thanks again…

Darren, will get that updated asap along with some other MLBlogs updating. Thanks. Edward: Checking on that.

I think the nice folks here at MLBlogs will change your name for you soon.

This is really a blast. I do have a question. My blog started out with the name of “Trade Wars” which shows up on the Rookie list. But after a few days, I had a change of heart and renamed my blog. “Baseball Talk With The Big Dog”. How do I get this name listed as a Rookie Blog and entered on the MLBlog Active roster.(does that come after 30 days?) Thanks…. p.s. how do I get my e-mail address instead of my name listed, when I post a comment??

Mark – Edward(DCDaily) here. Thanks for a great year of blogging. With Spring Training around the corner, what’s the easiest way to renew our blog-subscription so that there’s no lapse, or chance of loss of material? Thanks again for building this community.


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