Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone in the MLBlogosphere! I am just happy to have survived the ball drop in Times Square after being crushed against a barricade by a European-soccer-like crowd…we got to see Christina Aguilera, Rascal Flatts and others go through rehearsals during the seven-hour wait on the street and it was in the 40s so it was all good. It also has been good to see the new MLBlogs created over the holidays, and a very special welcome to San Diego Padres Mom simply because Padre blogs have been scarce since our launch.

Yes, I had MLBloggers in mind when I wrote our MLB.com Year in Preview global story for New Year’s Day. The annually amazing thing about writing stories like these and the 15 Questions sidebar or the Last Word story from 11:59 pm ET on Dec. 31 is that if you don’t mention all 30 clubs, you will be emailed by fans of those not included. That’s a good thing. It means everyone has hope. It would be awful if no one emailed simply because they knew one or two teams was likely to win it all.

The holiday week was spent in NY with my three dudes and one of the highlights was driving them (and my oldest son’s girlfriend) up from NYC through the Catskills to Albany and then 70 miles west to Cooperstown, and being reminded how beautifully it is tucked into the foothill andscape along the gorgeous lake. I wound up discussing my Hall ballot with a Red Sox fan who told me, "I want you to think hard about Jim Edward Rice from now on." As a voter, it means a lot to actually be there in the Gallery room of plaques, to always remember how hallowed it is.

One not-so-good moment while at the Hall of Fame. I was in the Records room. Two boys probably 10 or 11 years old were standing in front of a display (pictured here). "These are the all-time home run leaders," one says. The other boy replies, "Yeah, but some of these guys used steroids." Exact words. There was no one around but these two boys who I overheard. That is just what they know as children in this era. They were in their own world and it now includes the word "steroids" in their lexicon. I didn’t know that word when I was that age and worshipping Carew and Killebrew. In another time, these kids would have been those same ones in the movie "Sandlot" — more worried about the monster dog eating the precious baseball. I can think of some other people I wanted to overhear them in the Records room instead of me. It made me furious inside. In that instance, did it really matter if the one boy was right or wrong? Definitely not.

Just wrote this story for MLB.com and I hope you will be on the site starting at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday as our fellow MLBlogger Dale Petroskey gives The Word on Cooperstown 2007. I voted for four people and we’ll see how many of them make it to the podium next summer. I have one special request, too. I’d like to see someone’s plaque be a succinct as The Bambino’s. It’s amazing and telling how few words were used to describe his greatness. Man, I just love standing next to his plaque. It’s shiny, like brand new. It makes you feel good being next to it. It’s my favorite part of the Cooperstown experience and probably always will be.



To me, the individual votes show that a) personal rubrics are all over the map, and b) most voters appear to apply their standards with integrity and logic. For example, everyone who voted for Rice also voted for Dawson – that’s good.

The pair of votes for Concepcion, while excluding Trammell, seems like an exception to the above. And there’s more to Barry Bloom’s ballot than is dreamt of in my philosophy.

Good news is that if MLB.com’s collective vote comes to pass, Goose and Hawk will join the shoo-ins, and I dont see any justifiable outrage in that(ie it’s preferable for a given collective tally to exclude a player who eventually deserves induction [Trammell?] than to induct someone [Rice] who doesnt).

Beautiful entry and photos. I’ve only been to The Hall once in my life, and I was too young to appreciate it.

-The Baseball Collector

Correct, Matt. Cat’s out of the bag because of our MLB.com homepage story today:


I would prefer to vote and not reveal who I pick (we do not get to read millions of presidential ballots so spare me the accountability argument) but I think that era has passed.



From the bread crumbs you’ve left along the way, I’m guessing your ballot (the 1st one)looked something like this:





P.S. I’ve already “thought hard” about Jim Edward Rice for you😉


P.P.S. Belated Happy, Endorphin-Filled New Year!

Happy New Year to all !!!!



So the Big Unit is headed to the desert again. With Clemens probably headed back to NY and Wells going back to San Diego, who’s left on the free-agent markey for pitching starved teams?

Come to INSIDE PITCH and read, “The Last of the Mohicans” the latest on the free-agent market!

Carl The Cabbie


Very cool! I have not visited, it’s on my wishlist of travels.

Thank you for the shout-out! I look forward to an exciting year of blogging about all things Padres.

Your story about the little boys was interesting- I never thought about how children see baseball differently than I did as a child. My own child is a little too young to understand such things.

I’ll give you this upswing for children. We got tickets to go see the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. When I told her about the tickets, she said, “Mom, I’d really rather go to a Padres game instead.”

Gotta love that!



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