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Greetings, fellow MLBloggers! Only days remaining for those holiday shoppers out there, and the MLB.com Shop is the place to find what you need. But you knew the Gift Guru was going to say that! I still want one of those Fatheads for my wall at my new place. And unless I missed it, someone still can be the first to blog about ordering the first Matsuzaka jersey.

If you need to contact me, please leave a comment here and let me know if you have emailed to mlblogosphere@yahoo.com. I can’t keep up with that account because Yahoo! doesn’t care about spam that much, and no way to find your email otherwise if you send me anything.

I ran the Hot Chocolate 10-Miler Saturday at Central Park (2:07.07), and my pace was 12:42 so basically identical to my pace (12:41) of the Joe Kleinerman 10K there one week earlier — which got my NYC Marathon training program started. Having the same pace and adding four extra miles is a good thing, I guess. It’s starting to feel easier and morning runs becoming the norm. What an awesome feeling, life is better than ever. I also wanted to say that I think I am perhaps the only BBWAA voter who got TWO Hall of Fame ballots. Because of my move on Dec. 1, the Hall of Fame ballot was sent to my old address but I also requested one sent to my new one just in case there were any forwarding issues. So I just got my second ballot last week after mailing my first one. Obviously I can’t send back two ballots but I now have a pristine souvenir version, kind of like an unused ticket. I’m not sayin’ eBay, I’m just sayin’. 🙂

Our friend Daron Sutton over at The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework had some nice comments about Jeff Bagwell, speaking of the Hall of Fame. Our friend Derek over at OK Blue Jays gives the perfect example of an offseason blog, and why this technology just makes being a fan better. He can instantly post an alert to what a baseball writer like Buster Olney just reported, and in the process give his take. These are things we all take for granted now, but just remember how it used to be in the old days, when you could only really talk about it the next morning at work or to friends somewhere. And by the way, what did you think of TIME magazine declaring YOU as its Person of the Year for 2006? It’s because of things like this. It’s because of myspace and gootube and facebook and everywhere that people on Earth can communicate and share in this way. We have big intentions at MLB of keeping up with that insatiable citizen journalist.

Welcome to a lot more MLBlogs Rookies like Baseball Chick, Laying Out and a My Weblog that is to be named later. . . . For those of you who have enjoyed Brooks Robinson’s MLBlog in the past year and a half here, did you know that you can win a signed jersey from him?

If you have news on your MLBlog that you want others to know about, then be sure to leave a comment here regularly along with your URL. It’s another way to help drive eyeballs to your blog. Remember that MLBlogs is linked from everywhere at MLB Advanced Media, so MLB.com and 30 clubs sites (2 billion+ uniques per year) form the gateway toward your blog. Keep those posts coming through the holidays and have fun!


Having issues with “domain” and new bloggers-can you help?

Nevermind, it was my mistake.

Mark, I’m having problems getting into my blog. I’ve got my account set to deduct the fee monthly but now it’s asking me to sign up again. Can you drop me an email and let me know who to contact?

Kellia, I was referring to graphics in any existing blogs. If MLBlogs suddenly becomes something else like Mars Space or Jupiter Journals or whatever — and presume that anything could happen before Opening Day — then you would be able only to export text and would lose anything visual. Nature of the progressive machine called Web 2.0….just preparing you “in case.”

When people put loads of apps on their MLBlogs (Deep Fried Fish being the first noted example around here), it makes the page’s filesize weigh a ton and that’s why you are experiencing the wait to see text. It’s not a problem on your end, Kellia…just netiquette.

The background is what it is in current MLBlogs life, no way around it.




Congrats on the move, the quitting and the running. Good luck with all.

Some tech questions: You suggested that we back up our blogs due to impending changes. Any suggestions on how to do that?

Page loading performance is slowing as people are adding more sophisticated widgets to their blogs. Specifically the type scrollers–I tried one after seeing the one on “In the Cards” but took it off because my whole page wouldn’t load–podcasts, videos, etc. In fact, when the smileys ads are on a news page, I have to reload three times to get a static ad so that the article will load. Could this be a problem that is strictly on my side, e.g. DSL being too slow? Or is it a matter of the blog software needing to keep up with the new technology?

Also, must there be so much blank background showing, or can blogs be wider? Someone just uploaded a funny 10-sec clip of Byrnesie on YouTube that I just had to have for the blog. But I have the two sidebar format and the video doesn’t fit in a sidebar. I ended up embedding it in a post. I was thinking the clip would fit if the blogs were wider. (With everything I have on the blog, one sidebar wouldn’t work).


Life, Baseball & A White Boy Who Can Jump, But Can’t Dance


Hey Mark,

Happy Holidays…I left an email at your yahoo address.



Hey man, congrats on the 10 miles.

Btw – I emailed you at your yahoo address.

Yes and thanks. It was two 5-mile loops around most of Central Park starting at 102nd transverse on east. When I got to the five-mile sign, the winner of the race was just now lapping me and winning in 53 minutes. So the question was whether to continue the second lap or just call it a good day, and am glad I made the turn. You never know what you are capable of until you try!

So you went from being a regular smoker to running (and finishing!) a 10-mile race? That’s seriously impressive. Very cool about the two ballots.

-The Baseball Collector

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