Happy Holiday Season

Just wanted to add my belated Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone around the Sphere is having a great start to the holiday season. Not posting that actively here right now because of the break, preparing for a Dec. 1 move to Upper West Side, trying to get in shape, revising a book manuscript unrelated to sports, MLB work, and pontificating whether to vote for anyone besides Ripken and Gwynn with my upcoming Hall of Fame ballot. Ripken gave me my greatest sports thrill the night of 2,131. Gwynn once gave me an hour to sit with him and Stan Musial around a table and just talk hitting for a magazine cover story. Those are obvious first-ballot locks. But there is a notable someone else on the ballot who gave me my second-greatest thrill in sports, the night I took my oldest son to see Mark McGwire break another once-unbreakable record at old Busch Stadium. I never could have imagined not voting for him in his first year on the ballot, given how he helped "bring the game back" along with Ripken toward the end of a millennium. Haven’t decided yet and am not going to be a lemming voter, as it’s a responsibility I respect. Here’s to your team giving you lots to blog about in a positive way, and I wish health and happiness to everyone here.



I just learned that D’Back utility infielder Damion Easley has signed with the Mets. I went to News archive to read it in Mets news, but when I set the archive for Mets and then clicked go, it turned to Yankees. Please tell whoever is in charge of fixing glitches to fix this one. Some people will want to access Mets news during and after the Winter Meetings.



Life, Baseball & The Guy who should be the next Giants’ left fielder.


Thanks, Mark. Perhaps I will see you at the winter meetingts. I live in Orlando and will be there for some stories I am writing for magazines I contribute to.

Just put the http:// in front of it and you’re all set. Am doing that now for you so it’s clickable. Thanks for the words.

Happy holidays to you as well, Mark. As you might recall from the Spheroud you wrote about me, Tony Gwynn is one of my all-time favorite players. Especially in today’s game – where you have bozos like Palmeiro and McGwire (yes, I know they’re retired!) and Bonds – it is refreshing to remember a player who earned his accolades as by playing the game the way it should be played. Regarding McGwire, even if he didn’t officially violate any regulations at the time, he still needed the support of andro to remain in the game and produce the numbers he posted. True, the andro didn’t do the hitting, but it did give him an edge. I surely hope that you and other Hall of Fame voters leave him out. It would be a shame to see someone who has brought such shame and controversy to the game on the same stage with Gwynn and Ripken.

On another note, I’ve enjoyed the three months that my blog has existed and look forward to the winter meetings, spring training and the regular season. Should be an interesting one for the Red Sox!

Once again, have a happy holiday season!



P.S. – By the way, how do I get the web site listed above to be an active link when I post it in responses like these?

Will do and thanks, Cory.


I’m having a couple of issues with a new blog I’m moderating, and I’m hoping that you’ll be able to help me out.

We’re located at http://pirates.mlblogs.com.

I’m working as part of a group of Pirates bloggers contributing to a roundtable discussion. One of the members–Jake from Bucco Blog–donated an MLBlog for use in the project. It isn’t, however, in the active roster, or on the “browse by team” list. When I wrote an introductory post last night, it didn’t show amongsty on the Recently Updated Weblogs. And, although the blog is the Daisuke Matsuzaka (or Kaz Matsui, if you prefer) of MLBlogs, we’re not on The Rookies list either.

Can you rectify one/some/all of these problems? Or perhaps steer me in the right direction…



A New Pirates Generation




We know for sure that Big Mac used Andro, and that it was legal when he used it. Heck, it was available over the counter at my local gym at the time.

If you think he was doing something illegal, then you shouldn’t vote for him. But if you think that all he did was use something that was legal during his career, the fact that it was subsequently banned shouldn’t keep him out of the HoF.

We aren’t planning to toss out the pitchers who legally used spitballs, are we?


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


Thank you for your advice on making the font bigger, I will be sure to do that next time.

Vote Ripken!

where’s the spheroids?

I was able to watch Big Mac hit 62 in person as well. It was simply electric. The stadium was as loud as I’ve ever heard it. I know he handled the Senate testimony poorly. I know he’s “not here to talk about the past” but I simply can’t see any way to hold him out of the HOF.

Per original comment here, that subscription has been canceled, email sent as well. Per Zack, glad to be joining your ‘hood and now I have a ballot on the way to decide on. 🙂



Happy holidays to you, and welcome (in advance) to my neighborhood. I can’t wait to see how the whole HOF thing plays out for Big Mac. That’s a tough one.

I was at Camden last year for the 10th anniversary of when Cal broke Gehrig’s streak, and even THAT was a thrill.

-The Baseball Collector

Hi — not sure what comment you were referring to but no matter, have forwarded your comment here through head of customer service. Have a nice day.


Mark, since you posted about this on a comment on someone else’s blog, maybe you can help me.

Will sending a cancellation email to customerservice@website.mlb.com actually cancel my miserable mlb.tv service?

I understand that making it hard to cancel a service might bring in a few more dollars, but it really makes for horrible customer service. I feel like I am getting nickeled and dimed here.

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