OT: Ohio State vs. Michigan

We’re talking about this one on MLB.com, like everyone else in the hemisphere.

Just thought I’d invite your No. 1 vs. No. 2 predictions here. Michigan’s impenetrable defense, which allows an insane average of below 30 rushing yards a game? Or Troy Smith and the Buckeyes’ offense, with home-field advantage? Can’t wait for Saturday, am thinking 34-31 OSU.

Updated 3:20 pm ET Friday: So sad to hear that Bo Schembechler passed away. I had just written that story above and the announcement happened right after the article was posted on MLB.com earlier. It most definitely casts a pall and the timing is just utterly beyond belief, the day before the biggest game in the rivalry’s history, so big that we’re even writing about it. I can’t imagine what people must be feeling around UM, players included. I guess many of us kind of grew up with Bo — he was there on TV every New Year’s.

Final update 7:22 pm ET Saturday: Ohio State 42, Michigan 39. I was pretty close and margin of victory was correct. I thought it would be high-scoring. What a spectacular and memorable game, and pretty moving coverage by ABC. That was a national championship game if ever there was one. Ohio State no doubt will play someone else in about 50 days but I don’t really care at this point. On to Hot Stove and Spring Training, that one just decided it for me.


From what I could see, a lot of people were figuring on a three-point margin of victory, but not quite that high a score.
But yes, on to Hot Stove, seeing that Indiana lost to Butler(!) in the first round of the pre-season NIT.



Buckeyes all the way!

Bo’s passig was all that ESPN would talk abuot while I was at the gym this morning.

I guess the football gods wanted him to have a better seat for the game.


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