Webb Wins Cy, Your Reactions

WebbInterested to see what people think now that the news was just posted first on MLB.com — Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks is your 2006 NL Cy Young winner.

I think any of at least four pitchers could have won it — Webb, Carpenter, Trevor Hoffman or Roy Oswalt, possibly anyone who tied for 16 wins. Certainly no one was an obvious pick in the NL this year. Johan Santana surely will be the opposite case when the AL Cy is announced.

On an unrelated note, I just noticed that some people have made screensavers out of my Slide photo gallery I posted in the hours just before the Cardinals clinched the world championship. I walked around Busch and tried to capture as many different photos as I could that just say the word "baseball." If I had more time I could have taken hundreds more (including a baseball and a bat).


Actually I got mostly hate mail from Astros fans for not mentioning Oswalt in my MLB.com preview story of the BBWAA awards, which ran from Sunday afternoon through Monday.

The case you made a while back for Oswalt was a good one, and I think he was undervalued here to the extent Hoffman was overvalued. 40% of first place votes went to Hoffman, which is ridiculous.

Also surprised Webb got 15(50% of) first place votes to Roy’s 3 and Carp’s 2 !?!? Expected a ratio more like Webb 10, Roy 4, Carp 6.

No complaints though – as long as red uniforms are still in the hopper😉


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