Questions for the Week

Should instant-replay technology be permissible to get every home run call right? Larry Shenk, the Phillies’ VP of Public Relations and dean of MLB PR directors, is asking that question on Baron’s Corner with the general manager meetings starting Monday, so tell him what you think (there, not here).

Who deserves the BBWAA awards that start rolling out on Monday? And who do you think will win them? My story on previews the announcements to come. Have you voted for the increasingly meaningful fan awards yet? Who did you choose and why?

What kind of Hot Stove season are we in for? More transactions than ever? Some people think so, given the recent frequency of big turnarounds and new winners, combined with the long-term security of collective bargaining. Who’s going where? Who do you want? What is your team going to do? Have you made your own picks yet to win Opening Day tickets?

What holiday shopping item do you already have your eye on? Is this how you wish you had looked after taking your first bath? Do you have a wish list on your blog? It makes a great Typelist, because then you just email your URL to the fams.

What’s new with your MLBlog? What traffic tips do you have to share with others?

Ohio State or Michigan next weekend? Was Faith Hill joking or serious last week? Borat: Funniest movie ever or mildly hysterical? Where are you going for Thanksgiving, and do you go for white or dark meat, dry or gooey stuffing? Is everyone in the NBA going to get a technical and be ejected this season? Are Lou Piniella, Aramis Ramirez and the Cubs the next to shock the world? Questions. We’ve got lots of questions. There’s no Tony La Russa or Jim Leyland to ask about their next game’s starters, but there’s always a next-best thing at this time of year.


Another traffic tip would be to add your site to They send me some traffic on a daily basis.

The best way to get traffic to your MLBlog though by far is to write quality posts and link to other MLBlogs.

Oh, and I’d like the Cardinals to re-sign Mulder and Weaver, and sign Zito (to rejoin Mulder) and Woody Williams. Then package Izzy and Encarnacion for a power threat if possible.

Thanks. Bunch of MLBlogs on there. Someone should tell Jason at Baseball & the Boogie Down Bronx that his URL has an extra slash there so it goes to a Not Found.


Hi Mark,

Here’s a blog traffic tip: the top 100 baseball sites. Here’s the link:


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