New Diamondbacks templates

The Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled their new branding Wednesday night, and that extends right here to MLBlogs. Take a look at D-Backs broadcaster Daron Sutton’s new blog appearance as an example, and let it grow on you. Now part of the styles choices for our AZ bloggers…

Now’s a good time to start an MLBlog if you’re a lurker here. Everyone’s waiting to see where Matsuzaka goes, the BBWAA awards are about to be rolled out next week, roster rumors are flying high, and there’s no such thing as an offseason. Only preseason, regular season and postseason. We’re in 2007 preseason mode here at MLBAM, how about you? Someone should blog about their Free Agent Frenzy picks, too — entering could win you Opening Day tickets.


I dig the new look.

-The Baseball Collector

Tiff, “Party like it’s 2006”.

Kellia, clear cache anytime a template change.

Maybe it’s the Mercury Retrograde, or maybe my blog is reflecting my mixed feelings about the color change, but I tried adopting the new D’Backs template and style change and now my blog sports both the old and the new colors.

Hmmm. Maybe that is something the team should have considered…red and purple?


Life, Baseball & One of the Five Players on the banner of the D’Backs revamped web site.

A few people have been asking me about my blog name, so I put a post about it so everyone can vote.

Should it stay ‘Party like it’s 1982’ next year? Or change? Everyone should come vote.


I think I’m going to do my Free Agent picks. do I just pick where I think the hottest free agents will go?

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