November in the MLBlogosphere

OK, we have just added an amazing number of MLBlogs to the browse-by-template page at Please comment here if you notice that your MLBlog or someone else’s is not on the list and should be added. Some of those MLBlogs created during the hyper frenzy of the pennant race and the postseason no doubt will lapse after the free trial month, just a fact of life, but all hopefully have been added. Feel free to comment on any of those who may have started in early October, saw their team get eliminated, and vamoosed.

We created a batch of player/broadcaster blogs during the postseason (ie Cliff Floyd or Mike Shannon), and I’m only going to add to the browse page any of those that probably are going to be continued in 2007, so no need to report any missing MLB-personality blogs.

Still decompressing from the postseason and parade, but I finally got a chance to look over some of the new ones and great to see one like The Rumor Mill that shows why you never have to stop MLBlogging. Naturally, some come and go. Chris Young of the Padres has been blogging from Japan, and his is included under the MLB templates although no word on whether he’ll keep blogging next season — although we certainly hope so. Speaking of the rumor mill, be sure to keep a check each day on our colleague T.R. Sullivan’s own reports at Elysian Fields.

Did you know that Screech, the Washington Nationals’ mascot, started an MLBlog after the World Series? We’re looking forward to that one going forward. That’s three MLB mascots so far by my count, joining Raymond from the Devil Rays and Wally the Green Monster from Boston. Only 27 to go. I’m sure Fredbird will be busier than ever this offseason.

Congrats to our friend, colleague and one of the original MLBloggers — Daron Sutton. He was just named the new Diamondbacks broadcaster, and said he looks forward to continuing to post on his "The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework" MLBlog. Just making some modifications to his template/bio and then we’ll link his blog back in once he resumes posting. After some great posting as the Brewers’ broadcaster, that one will start from scratch. BTW, those Arizona templates should be updated soon with the new colors/logos, so you D-Backs bloggers will have a new look as well as the team.

Off-topic, anyone know of a great online radio station for classic rock? I stumbled on a pretty good one today, from Portland, Ore. Tried out based on others’ advice but when it asked me to type a favorite artist, I put in the Stones and after one song it just spewed similar genre, was expecting all Stones…didn’t think it was worth pursuing further. Any suggestions welcomed. It’s the offseason, actually some time to fiddle around. Finally getting an iPod this week, too — looking at the new Nano Red, what do you think?

Don’t you think our friend Tiff over at Party Like It’s 1982 should modernize that blog title? She’s on deck for a Spheroid here, but her responses to those Nine Questions got caught up in the clutter during the postseason so we’ll see if she wants to update it. That was when 1982 was the Cards’ last title. Send in your own responses so you can be a Spheroid here and reap some extra traffic to your MLBlog. Please be sure to say Spheroid in the subject, though — that Yahoo! account is ridiculously chock-full of Irish Lottery and deposed-leader-estate spams.

And finally, here are some Recently Updated Photo Albums. Enjoy and post your own pics:


Hey Mark,
I’m headed for the Red Sox HOF dinner tomorrow night, so keep your eyes out for the photo album soon on my blog.

BTW I vote you add Oasis to your Ipod. They rock.


Zack, I opted for the Nano Red/8G, my answer for the subway. I liked that Apple is giving $10 of each sale of Nano Reds to a global fund for cure for AIDS, so I figured it would help something good in the process. Let’s see, started with Queen and Buffett CDs, now just have to add more tunes.

Thanks for putting my photo album some photos. Also, check out my blog for a series of posts called best players ever.

Just added you to Dodgers listings, John, thanks for noting it here. Anyone else please do the same if you’re omitted from the October craziness. And please include your URL whenever you leave a comment at, it makes it easier to have that breadcrumb (including adding blogs). Thanks!

I noticed my blog isn’t listed on the brwose-by-template page you were talking about. (Words From The Park – Dodgers). Thanks.

I get waaay into music (and all kinds of other things) during the off-season, and I recommend the biggest iPod possible. I have about 2,900 songs and 10,000 photographs with me at all times, thanks to my 60-gig Pod…and I have plenty of room to grow. I think it’s worth it to pay twice the price for 10 times the amout of space.

-The Baseball Collector

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