The boy is back in town

Hey, folks, I hope you had a great postseason. Finally back in the MLBAM office after a month on the road and here are some catch-up thoughts…

It’s amazing how much fun you can have blogging with a digital camera. My Canon Powershot A540 went everywhere with me through the DS, LCS and WS. So far there have been some 40,000 views of my videos that I uploaded, and lots of people who subscribed to see more. I was using Youtube just to experience the process the way so many others do, but I think you will see us provide a video uploading capability in the future and a lot of overall changes in our consumer content approach.

From Zito to Cliffy to Big Nate Chew and other players to Tommy to fans here to our crew, there was a remarkable flurry of blogging going on this October. And, of course, it doesn’t stop there. Our friend Ian Browne, who blogged the DS and LCS, is now blogging from Japan, as is Chris Young of the Padres.

On a personal note, I have to say that Zito’s blog was my favorite out of the whole month. And his post immediately after outdueling Johan Santana was the highlight. Wherever the big hook winds up now that he is on the free agent list, I definitely hope he will be blogging in 2007.

Img_1041The scene in St. Louis was absolutely incredible. Having lived there most of the 1990s and from 2003-05, I especially know what it meant to them. Seeing So Taguchi doing his Rocky pose with the back arched back and both arms extended on his truck during the parade, and seeing that crowd reaction, I also can tell you that So is the one player out of all Cardinals who puts the biggest smile on those people’s faces. Pujols would be their favorite if you took a survey, but it’s amazing what a cult figure So is in St. Louis now and probably for the rest of his life.

I remember the 2006 postseason for surprises and for rain. By the end of the World Series, I had become our designated meteorologist beat guy in the 6-8 hours before each scheduled game, so now I have a lot of weather friends at STL and DET TV stations. Fortunately there were only four rainouts in the postseason — it could have been much worse, and we lucked out with Game 2 at Detroit and with the Game 5 clincher itself. Had the series gone back to Detroit, it would have been snowshowers during Game 6. It was one of those months.

Welcome to all of the rookies who have called themselves up to The Show at MLBlogs. We’ll get the browse-by-team roster updated gradually after catching up this week. I still have to catch up myself with a bunch of the new ones created in October, as my blog-following has been kind of on the slow side while the Cards were racking up No. 10.


If I couldnt be in St Louis, your videos were the next best thing! Thanks for great world series bloging and for the shout out on the homepage today!

I’m doing a series on my blog called Best players ever.

Does anyone know what project Brady is working on?

“I think you will see us provide a video uploading capability in the future and a lot of overall changes in our consumer content approach.”

I’m printing out some of my blog entries and would love to see a “printer-friendly” option available.


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