Another new blog to follow

Greetings, everyone. I promise I will get back to posting Spheroids and showcasing everyone’s great MLBlogs in this community blog soon. For now, I have just started our World Series Blog, and I hope you will be a regular there with comments during the Fall Classic. Feel free to throw your series predictions on there right now, as I just posted the first entry.

Happy blogging, and welcome to all of our newcomers in the last couple of weeks! We also will try to get the MLBlogs Active Roster current as well to keep up with you.



Chris Speier – where are you? I hope the San Diego Padres would hire you as their next Manager. I saw you played with the San Francisco Giants when I was stationed at Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in early 70’s. The Padres need a manager like you to win the World Series!

Thanks. I got it figured out.

When you first log into MLBlogs, you’ll see four red tabs near the top of the screen:


—Photo Albums


—Control Panel

Just click “Photo Albums” and follow all the directions. It’s all a bit tricky when you’re first setting up your blog, but you’ll get the hang of it soon.


Do you happen to know what the current per diem is in MLB? I know it was $76.50 a few years ago…just wondering if that’s gone up.

How do you publish photo albums?

I think baseball should go back to the two league, one world series format. After all, the so-called “world champion” Cardinals are simply a mediocre team (13th best record over 162 games) that happened to get hot in October, nothing more. In fact, four of the last five “world champions” were teams that couldn’t prove statistically that they were either the best out of 5 or 6 teams in their own division over 162 games, or one of the best ten teams out of 30. Might as well toss a coin!


Ever since the Mets lost I have been sitting Shiva (in a blog sense anyhow), but I am on my feet again and behind the wheel.

Mets’ fans have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to.

Here at INSIDE PITCH we have begun looking towards 2007:

Carl the Cabbie

That’s Baseball (
is a newcomer.

Oh, and as for the World Series, it’ll be Detroit in seven.

World Series blog. Cool! I shall check it out right now…

-The Baseball Collector

Check out my blog for a possible explanation for why the Mets lost the other night. (

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