Postseason MLBlogs Update

First of all, we have to wish a speedy recovery to our first known MLBlogger Victory Celebraton Casualty. Be sure to leave your get-well wishes to Becca, known to everyone here as the Bullpen Baker! . . .

Cliffy is Iffy, but Barry Zito, Nate Robertson and John Rodriguez will keep blogging through the LCS. And David Wright always comes through with an entry now and then. We’ll know more on Floyd’s bloggin status Tuesday, depending on whether he’s on the NLCS roster.

My colleague Ian Browne will handle the ALCS blog, and I will switch leagues and blog the NLCS. Be sure to leave lots of comment love like you did on my ALDS blog, and I will have more videos, pics and text entries from NYC and St. Louis to post.

That’s the lowdown on the blogdown this week as part of our overall postseason coverage.

It’s great to see so many new MLBlogs created during this postseason as the overall profile obviously has been raised around and playoff club sites. Just added everyone to the MLBlogs Active Roster — be sure to browse there to find people with likeminded interests! . . .

Our buddy Tommy Lasorda, the first-ever MLBlogger, has just added the link to Boo-Hoo E-Cards on his blog. Now there are four more team fan bases to send those to. . . .

Blogging the Tigers-Yanks ALDS was my first experience with uploading videos from a Canon Powershot, and I have to say it’s pretty fun and easy as I’ve seen on some other MLBlogs here. It was tough the first night in the bowels of Yankee Stadium because of intermittent wireless connectivity, so the YouTube upload took forever…but it got easier. Basically you just set the camera on video, point and press, then press the snap button again to end the video. Then it uploads as an AVI file the same way as jpegs. We obviously have reams and reams of high-end video content at, so my v-logging is just a little different perspective to help show fans what they can do through MLBlogs. . . .

This date in baseball history, 10 years ago: Jeffrey Maier reaches down and robs right fielder Tony Tarasco of a catch for a Derek Jeter home run in the ALCS.


Can MLB request that Tim McCarver be removed as color commenator on TV. He’s way too critical and he’s obviously got a National League bias. Surely with all the talented folks out there, Fox could find a better choice then this guy.

Mets’ Fans,

Game 7

We Play Tonight, We Win Tonight!

Carl the Cabbie

I have never seen such blatant disregard for the game and for genuine umpiring. I could not beleive what I was seeing. Particularly, the pitch to Pujols before he hit the home run in game 5. An obvious strike, and what did the umpire do to Glavine? Completely took away the strikezone just to ensure more advertising dollars. In all of my 27 yrs of watching with exception of the 2000 world series when benitez struck out what’s his name…. but I mean, it was just unbelievable. Blatant, corruption, and unjust ball calling on behalf of that **** face, corrupt ************ umpire.***** him, and Cards, don’t worry…Karma comes back to haunt you…..

I’d like to point out that Jeffrey Maier didn’t even catch the **** ball. It skipped off his wrist and bounced over the wall.

And to Ms. Refugee:

I think it’s refreshing that a 40-year-old pitcher can dominate guys 15 years younger. And that he doesn’t need to be macho and flex his muscles in order to do it. And that he gets by with brains and finesse. THAT’S baseball. I’m proud of the Mets. Jose Reyes? Boring? That’s a good one.

-The Baseball Collector

Mets’ Fans Unite !!!

I know we’re down 2-1 to the Redbirds, but I am issuing a special PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for Mets’ fans on my blog. If you’re feeling blue come to Inside Pitch— I guarantee you’ll fell better.

Carl The Cabbie

BHGM is back with a post about the ALCS and NLCS. Sorry for the long (2 month) absence, people. It will all be explained in the post.

So, what’d I miss?

Stop by and leave a comment.


I thoroughly enjoy all of this post-season coverage. I’m a BoSox fan foremost, but I am also a devoted baseball fan as well. Enjoy all the insights.

Jeff L.

Lastings? Trade? Who cares?
Has anyone else noticed how much Reyes looks (and acts) like “Topsy” from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”? And yes: Topsy was, in fact, a girl. Somehow I don’t think that’s much of a stretch for Reyes.

Woo. Another riveting game as Tom Glavine gets strike calls on 68 mph pitches ten inches outside, and wins by putting the opposition (and everyone else in the stadium and watching on TV) to sleep.

The Mets are great, but the Mets are also very boring.

Tim McCarver? Overanalyzes the game to death. He wasn’t all that hot of a player, one might recall. Without “Lefty” I doubt he would have played in the majors long. Oh yeah – he didn’t. And Joe Buck? Hey -you’re not remotely of the calibur of announcer as your Dad, so how DID you get that gig, anyways?

Is there maybe a Topsy-Joe connection?

Would it be possible to get my blog listed under the Dodgers section ? (Words From The Park – Thanks!

Check out my latest interview and my latest entries concerning my 2007 TRIP of a LIFETIME!!


Come see the first annual

“Cabbie’s Division Series Awards” at:

Carl the Cabbie

What the Yankees need to do is to replace cashman. those mega saleries are lingering subconsciously in the payers postseason brains along with their families and plans. they need to be hungrier and a post season financial incentive reward and/ or payback needs to be in place. Win the division? keep 80% of your salary. First playoff? 90% League? 100% World series? Standard bomus. Simple. By the way, I would love his job. I would do it for free until we won the series…next year. I grew up in Yankee Stadium, with Pepitone, Blanchard, Howard, White, Mantle, Tresh, Richardson, Maris, Boyer, Berra and Kubek….and yes, they were hungry enough to beat this years greatest offensive team of all time…

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