New postseason blogs

OK, since I have spent the last year and a half telling all of you about the great blogs that you are creating and must see, please allow me to introduce myself on another blog.

ALDS: Tigers vs. Yankees

I’ll be handling that one for here in New York and in Detroit, and I am armed with a new Canon Powershot, notepads, my video friends, and a rosin bag for a brain. I swear that if a neurosurgeon breaks open my head you will be able to just reach in, flop my brain around in your hands for a second or two, and then grip that four-seamer and throw a strike. Yep, I have baseball on my brain, just like you, around the clock. And now there is a new blog to show it.

Please come and join me, whether you are a Yankee fan, whether you are a Tiger fan, whether you are just a blog fan. My goal is to push the envelope a little and really get you inside. So leave lots of comments like our friend Lola did to kick it off.

And be sure to check out all these other great new postseason blogs we are churning out. You see the list of players on the MLBlogs homepage, and Michael Cuddyer (MIN) and John Rodriguez (STL) are scheduled to start blogging as well. The MLBlogosphere is the place to be in October, but to me it’s all one giant crowd throughout the blogosphere and I check as many out everywhere else just like you. Post your favorite baseball blog links here and your own, too. Let’s have some fun!

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If you are going to give out “Bloggies” again this year, here is a nomination for best single entry.


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