Close call in FLA and a new blog coming

Wow — what a finish in Florida to keep the Phillies’ playoff hopes alive for at least several more hours. Dan Uggla (one of my favorite rookies ever) swings the Uggla Stick for a longball to the most cavernous place in all of Major League Baseball — the left-center alley, and Shane Victorino is just able to snag it on the track with two out in the bottom of the ninth, preserving the save for a nervous Flash Gordon and Phillies’ lingering hopes.

For Philly to force a tiebreaker playoff, they now have to win on Sunday but the Dodgers or Padres must lose both remaining games this weekend. So now the Phillies wait for tonight to see if Sunday matters.

The Cardinals wait to see if Houston loses tonight, which would clinch another NL Central for them and eliminate the Astros. And Astros fans hold their breath for just a while longer.

The Twins wait to see if the Tigers will take the AL Central tonight — which would mean Minnesota opening at Yankee Stadium this coming week as the Wild Card.

I’ll be blogging that series from NY and either MIN or DET, so look for my ALDS blog coming shortly. I will try to keep this one updated as much as it’s possible. Have digital camera, will travel. What would you like to see out of that official ALDS blog? I hope you will leave me plenty of comment love so my buddy Feinsand doesn’t embarrass me like 1,000 to 0. Be on the lookout! And make sure to checkout the Spheroid just posted below…


Thanks, Lo! Zack, I’ll have the digital camera everywhere, heading to Yankees’ clubhouse first thing in the morning.

i will leave u comments Mark!😀


Read why, as a Mets’ fan, I’d rather face the Dodgers than the Padres. Plus, chime in on who you think should be the Mets’ starter for Game 3!

Carl the Cabbie

My simple vote:
I’d like to see photos of things that fans don’t usually get to see…you know, like any behind-the-scenes stuff…that is, if the camera is allowed to travel there.

-The Baseball Collector

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