Field designs

Just sitting here in our MLBAM offices in NYC watching the live feed from Pittsburgh, which presently shows a tarp over the infield at PNC Park. While waiting to see what happens with the Astros, I’m especially noticing the amazing outfield grass design that features a large baseball surrounded by rippling rings. I was just wondering what your favorite ballpark grass design has been since these have become fairly common recently. One that immediately comes to mind is the Red Sox sock logo at Fenway Park during their 2004 championship season. And if you want to know how they make those cool designs, just ask our friend Murray, an original MLBlogger and MLB’s head groundskeeping guru.

OK, back to pre-postseason craziness here…


I can see both sides Zack… but the field designs don’t bother me in the least. If it ever came down to where the designs effecting the roll of the ball or anything like that, I’d say get rid of them. But from the best I can tell, it has no effect.

The work the grounds crew does is amazing. If they had a “come see the field get mowed” day at MMP, I’d take off work to see it..

For anyone who wants to know a cabbie’s suggestions for dealing with the latest Pedro crisis at Shea come to INSIDE PITCH and read:

“Crisis At Shea—Plan B!”

Carl The Cabbie

That’s OK, everyone party-poops on my blog like Kellia bashing my bobbleheads idea last month 🙂

From an artistic standpoint, I love all those designs, and I’m amazed how the grounds crews can make them look so good. But from a baseball standpoint, I’m not crazy about them. I really just like the purity and simplicity of the outfield grass, and sometimes, I feel that all the patterns are a bit gimmicky.

Am I crazy?

Not trying to be a party-pooper or anything.

Does anyone else agree with me?

-The Baseball Collector

As a Sox fan, I really like the Sox logo at Fenway. I think that every team should incorporate some element of their city, or their team logo, or a mixture of both, into the outfield grass. It adds character to the whole stadium experience.

I agree! I’ve been looking at that field for two days now and it’s one of the best designs I’ve seen all season. A shame more fans didn’t show up to see it. I wasn’t a big fan of the Red Sox logo, but I did like when the Mets(I’m pretty sure it was them) put the outline of the buildings in their outfield.


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