Hometown Heroes

I don’t know about you all, but I am loving the three-part series on ESPN to announce our Hometown Heroes. Even though I know them all in advance, I get chills at each light-burst zoom-in on the winner’s name on that club’s ballot. It’s going to be a great DVD, and just remember that for countless young fans this is their introduction to many of the legends. Some are obvious, some are surprises, some you and I will always disagree with (that’s baseball), but nearly 17 million people voted to decide 30 of them so it’s been a pretty cool thing. You can see my updated story about it on the MLB.com homepage right after each of the ESPN shows conclude. The final 10 will be announced Friday night, and you’ll probably have some curves thrown at you in that batch as well.

Now for a little fun. If you could pick one Hometown Hero out of all of them, the hometown being the baseball world . . . who would it be? After all the time I have been fortunate to spend around Stan the Man and hear his harmonica-playing, I think that’s going to be my own pick. I wish I could have seen him play in person. We’re still lucky to have him around and I hope he plays his harmonica forever.

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