Weekend in the Sphere

Congrats to our buddy Tommy Lasorda — the original MLBlogger (04/18/05) — for finally getting the birthday present he always wanted. See his blog that was just posted for his own thanks to Bobby V and all those former players who got that fruit basket, and it’s all for a nice cause.

Get ready, because you’re about to see a whole lotta Tommy very soon — we’re proud to have him in the MLBlogosphere and it’s going to be a lot of fun ahead.

You probably already saw David Wright’s post with his thoughts on clinching his first division championship. So far it’s New York New York, and now come six more clinchers before we get this party started. The final weekend is going to be amazing. Better study up on your tiebreaker scenarios over at our Octoberquest area on MLB.com.

Thanks to our friend Paul Dzien from Crawly’s Cub Kingdom, who’s been with us here a long time. He was the MLBlogger of the Week Friday night on MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show, talking about his role in an upcoming HBO production. You can listen to the replay by clicking the drop-down menu under Multimedia on the MLBlogs.com homepage, or go to the MLB Radio archives.

We will have one more MLBlogger of the Week in 2006, and that’s someone next week already booked to add some final words on the ending of a great regular season. After that, the programming goes into live playoffs mode, and then we resume it next spring. I really appreciate everyone who has participated in 2006, another benefit of blogging right here.

Consider how many times Chris Young has come close to a no-hitter this season, I would be more than a little concerned if I was facing him in the Division Series. Pads are gonna be dangerous if they get in. Nothing’s a gimme whenever this postseason starts, that’s for sure. Philly might be the team that could cause the most problem for the Mets, but obviously that could only happen in an NLCS, as a division champ can’t play a team from its own division in the first round.

BTW, thanks actually to Young for only coming close. This is my last "real weekend" before all the madness begins. Not sure where the road is gonna lead this time, but I suspect I’ll be adding to my growing collection of champagne corks that I pick up off the floor after a World Series. Might have to start blogging about it like Zack. I should mark them. No idea which ones are which.

Are you guys following this Big Papi 50th-homer ball auction? Obviously a lot of people are. Bidding closes Tuesday night, and those are some big numbers so far, all for a good cause. Classy move by the smilin’ wizard of walk-offs.

Welcome to our latest MLBlogs rookie, Jeff over at BoSox Banter. He’s up for a Brad Lidge move. Looks like another good addition to Red Sox blog nation.

Remember to email your responses to those nine questions asked of previous Spheroids if you’d like to join that group and have your MLBlog featured right here for everyone to see. Just a little more self-publicity for what you spend time on, not a bad deal, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Fun season-end questions to answer now available at my site:



Life, Baseball & a guy who became 25/25 today!


Hey, Mark-

Thanks for the love on the homepage. Sorry I haven’t been visiting the MLBlogosphere that much lately, but my life has been in-SANE. I’ll be back soon, when I have a little more time…

-The Baseball Collector

Honestly, I feel right now that the only thing I can write is: Please do well post-season, Metsies. Please oh please oh please oh please!



Ok Mets’ Fans. Time to get our Playoff Roster in order,



Carl the Cabbie

Inside Pitch

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