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Congrats to all of you Mets bloggers and here is the list of those MLBlogs with the amazin’ templates. Our friend Michael at Some Ballyard also has checked in apart from his Metsville blog and lists some Mets bloggers there as well. The time, the place, the blogs. Hopefully we will have a particular cigar-chomping third baseman checking in with a post in due time as well.

Sorry for the absence, was visiting my dudes back in St. Louis. Bittersweet Dad stuff: My oldest just made All-State at Ryan Howard’s alma mater, went to college to play ball, and now has told his coach that he is hanging up the cleats to focus on a finance degree and get his real estate license for Florida over the next few months. It makes you think about a lot of things. I taught him how to throw when we lived in the Bay Area and I was covering the Giants for the San Jose Mercury News; there was this enormous redwood behind the Redwood City library, and I guess there must have been oaks as well because he learned by throwing these huge acorns at that big target. So one more chance at a Major Leaguer in the family with son #2 who’s a freshman player in HS, as son #3 is into hoops, piano recitals, art, reading and html. Kind of cool how they figure this life thing out, huh.

Hey, everyone, speaking of careers, I’m not an inroad for sports/media careers for those here who occasionally email job requests/leads/suggestions to mlblogosphere@yahoo.com. Wish I could help but honestly there are better resources than me. This is not a knock on any good friends I do have in the business, but if I were starting all over again, I do know that I wouldn’t try to find a newspaper job. Mainly because I almost never read a print newspaper other than WSJ and have found in life that I usually have a lot in common with other people. I think I’m pretty close to removing "almost" from that sentence. If you want tips on a front office career, read a post by White Sox VP Scott Reifert a year ago; it’s under Milestone Posts on his MLBlog.

Last week I wrote an article for MLB.com noting that this will be the first time in history that the Yanks and Mets have won division titles in the same season. I guess we’re getting pretty close. And the White Sox are getting precariously close to ensuring fans that the trend of a different World Series champion ever year in this decade will continue. Can Boston give the White Sox a Wild Card assist against the Twins? Red Sox bloggers, what do you think of this finish? At least there is a nice, poignant ceremony coming to honor Tek on catching 1K Sox games; Pudge will be presenting.

Pretty good year for our friend Zoe Rice — she writes her first chiclit novel Pick Me Up and it’s a hit at your average Barnes & Noble, then she starts an MLBlog called Pick Me Up Some Mets! and sees her first division title since she was a wee lass. What’s the Zoe Triple Crown?

Welcome another new Phillies blogger at On the Screws. Will there be two postseason teams from the NL East? It’s going to be a wild last two weeks and looking forward to all the blogs!


I am writing a biography of George(Snuffy)Stirnweiss who played for the NYYankees in the 1940’s.
As part of my research for this book, I need to find an ON-LINE source with a list of the MLB players who served in the armed forces during World War II.

Please reply to:

Pat Mackin


We’re booked for next week and that’s the final one of the year as “Under the Lights” then reverts to live postseason format…will bring back MLBlogger of the Week for next season.

Hey Mark, what would it take to be on the radio show?


In the Cards



Re: Cy Young.

With both Party Like It’s 1982 and Diamondhacks making good arguments for their guys getting the CYA, awho-do-yo u-think-should-get-it panel might be in order tomorrow. Both Carp and Webby are pitching tonight.

BTW, thanks for the plug, but the readers might be disappointed. I’m not writing about spoilers. Whether Byrnesie will get to 25/25 is more interesting to me than who will win this year’s NL West.

(Brandon Webb for Cy Young!)


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


You said it! Nothing better.

Mark, it is a thing of beauty watching how kids “figure this life thing out”. What’s even more fascinating is coming to the realization that we really can’t guide them anymore: it is their generation, win or lose. The time we mastered has flown past. So now we get to relax and gab about baseball 8)

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Hi, Evan. No — whatever we replace as the 466×200 graphic and blurb on the mlblogs.com homepage is just swapped-out code. People can always screen-grab if they want, but that one’s gone. Be sure to include your URL whenever you comment around here, that way people have bread crumbs to find your MLBlog! Enjoy the rest of the races and postseason,


Hi MLBlogosphere!
Thanks for mentioning Amazine in the list of Mets blogsites in this posting.

My friend at Some Ballyard said my site had been featured on Monday before the Mets clinched on this site, but I didn’t see it.

Is there a way to link back to that feature so I can see it(to further my enjoyment of this historic moment?)

Evan Pritchard


Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please!

Good one. I’m guessing that you can expect to see these marketing taglines depending on progression scenario:

The Team. The Time. The NLDS.

The Team. The Time. The NLCS.

The Team. The Time. The World Series.

The Team. The Time. The World Champs.

The Team. The Time. The Parade.

The Team. The Time. The Ring.

But first…

Ha! Thanks for the love!

It’s been fun, indeed, all season. But now? It’s amped up to a whole other level. What was “The Team. The Time” is now “The Group. The Greatness.”


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