Thursday in the Sphere

I just wrote on about something no one’s touched on before — that we’re on the brink of having two division champs from NY for the first time ever since 1969 division play began — and something that a lot of folks here in NYC are touching on a lot…a possible Subway Series. Yes, a multitude of mitigating forces will stand in the way, and I tend to lean toward a Wild Card at the start of each October, but I’m interested in what bloggers think. Is it New York New York time again?

Just to be fair to both Mets and Yankees fans, here is my story on the Mets site and here is the story on the Yankees site. The logos and colors rule.

Thanks very much to our friend Murray Cook, who just showed a true example of a fan’s greatness.

Hey, Mets Magic Number dude — this is what you have lived for all season! You’re #1 on our blue MLBlogs Active Roster panel for obvious reasons. All that calculating!

Gregg Klayman sits right next to me here at our offices so I gotta give him some props for his latest post — check out his birthday thoughts.

Just watched Johnny Bench here in our studios and he was hilarious at the end of the MIDDAY show with Casey Stern. Check out the archived replay and see his Kasey Kasem impression at the very end, and nice to see that he calls our host "Casey Stengel Jr." That was fun. It was a chance to talk with him about the Hometown Heroes voting, too — this weekend will be the last chance to vote and there are some really interesting/tight races.

Hey, want to see something great? Casey has archived a photo album of MLB folks who have appeared live. David Wright and the whole crew are there — check it out.

Speaking of MLBlogs Photo Albums, here are the most recently updated ones:


Mark – Next trip to Cuba you have to go! Had a great FREE field clinic in LA this past weekend. Tried to put a rake in Ben Platt’s hands… but he had to get back to the stadium.

Thanks, Lo. You know, the one quote that always stays in my mind is what Derrek Lee said to me in the Marlins’ clubhouse right after they had eliminated the Cubs in the 2003 Bartmann series. He talked about how Wild Cards have the advantage “because we are battle-tested and it’s just natural that it carries right into the playoffs.” I think that is the biggest obstacle to a Subway Series. Otherwise home-field advantage — assuming Yanks do what Mets are about to do — is potentially through NYC throughout October, DS/LCS/WS.

BTW, I just noticed that Piazza leads all catchers in homers this season. It would be ironic if he somehow got in the way of a Subway Series, since I think of him when I think of the 2000 WS.

I read that article and smiled. I had been talking about a subway series since end of May and everyone thought i was crazy.

Now i’m not going to go crazy yet, but the thought has definitely got me salivating. It makes me feel all warm and gushy inside😀.

Thanks for the greatly written piece!

– Lo

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