My Hometown Heroes Votes

DhlWith voting ending at this Sunday night in the DHL Presents Major League Baseball Hometown Heroes campaign, I thought it was high time that I joined other MLBloggers in listing my own votes. Voting totals have exceeded all expectations. I agree and disagree with a lot of people around here, and best of all is knowing that a lot of people have been teaching their kids about baseball history by participating in this as families. That’s been the coolest part, a shared online experience and explaining to a kid why someone from the past was every bit as good as that present-day superstar s/he only knows about. It has even been a way for younger fans to learn the history of franchises — who moved where. So without further ado, here is how I voted below, listing the current clubs. You can vote as often as you like. If you’re like me, you’ll write in some as well.


Baltimore: Brooks over Ripken
Boston: Teddy Ballgame over Cy
Chicago White Sox: Shoeless Joe Jackson is my write-in over Big Hurt
Cleveland: Bullet Bob Feller over Tris Speaker
Detroit: Ty Cobb over Al Kaline
Kansas City: George Brett is the "Mr. Obvious" of the entire HH ballot
LA Angels: Tim Salmon and write in Ryan Express for second
Minnesota: Walter Johnson is my write-in, Carew (my boyhood idol) second over Kirby
NY Yankees: Bambino over Joe D and Mick, and one day Jeter will be up there
Oakland: Reggie over Rickey
Seattle: Junior over Eeeeeeeeeechiro
Tampa Bay: Carl Crawford over take your pick
Texas: Ryan Express over Pudge
Toronto: Carlos Delgado (write-in!) over Alomar


Arizona: Luis Gonzalez over Matt Williams
Atlanta: Hammerin’ Hank over Smoltzie
Chicago Cubs: Ernie Banks over Ryno
Cincinnati: Charlie Hustle over Johnny Bench
Colorado: Larry Walker over Todd Helton I guess
Florida: D-Train over Conine…need some long-termers there
Houston: Craig Biggio over Nolan (because I have Ryan in Texas)
LA Dodgers: Sandy Koufax over Jackie Robinson — toughest pick on my ballot
Milwaukee: Rockin’ Robin over Molly
NY Mets: Mike Piazza over Tom Seaver (surprised there are no no-brainers)
Phillies: Mike Schmidt over Lefty, that was tough
Pittsburgh: Roberto Clemente over Honus, even tougher
St. Louis: Stan the Man over Gibby, ask me about Albert in five years
San Diego: Tony Gwynn over ****’s Bells
San Francisco: Say-Hey Kid over Barry
Washington: Gary Carter over Steve Rogers (write-in)

What does it all mean? To me, mainly it means that a lot of younger fans have been learning about baseball history. By far the most important thing. And a lot of additional bonding between generations in that process. As for the voting, what it means to me is, if you have agonizing choices for your favorite franchise, then consider yourself fortunate. Last weekend to vote, and feel free to blog about it and trash me right here as no one will possibly agree with me. 🙂



Cheers! The Mets Clinch!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

Really good list…well, except for Piazza😉

My guys are:

I’m thinking about liveblogging tonight. Just to let you know.

To Scott, Cy Young only played 7 years with sox out of 21 his best stats year was not even with them but he lead them to a WS win. Its probably more about the team the player made the biggest impact on not the longest stay. ie Wade boggs Devil Ray?
Jackson over Hurt .356 career avg. booted from league when peaking, he was made an example of. To Mark, did you forget about Rogers Hornsby for the Cards? Good post and I agree that no one will agree.

Shoeless Joe did most of his work with the Indians. Big Hurt wins, no contest. Also, the blog search by team could use an update. Thanks!

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