We Shall Not Forget

GROUND ZERO — "We Shall Not Forget" of course is the theme around nine Major League ballparks where solemn and moving ceremonies have been happening tonight, and that’s what I will be writing about over the next few hours for MLB.com. In the meantime, I paid my respects at Ground Zero late this afternoon, and here are some of my digital pics. Tough day here in New York City, but the woman who was reading the final names of the murdered victims said it best: Hopefully "future generations will enter a world in which they won’t have to stand here."















The fourth picture was my small contribution to remembering.


Definitely feel your pain, Lo. I don’t know how I’m going to feel watching a building rise in its place starting in the next year. I just hope there’s an invisible force field of love around it.

five years later, and i still havent been able to bring myself to visiting ground zero. Its all still too fresh, still too real, still too new.
I keep thinking i am in a bad dream and someone will shake me and i’d wake up and i’d still be able to go to the WTC and ride that floor 0 to 80 in 2 seconds elevator (really that elevator was sooo exhilirating, i used to LOVE riding it).

There’s pain, and then there’s pain…

I cant even continue…

Mark, these pics are a great way to pay respects.

It’s impossible for me to blog about 9/11 because it’s too close. My best friend was standing underneath the towers when the 2nd plane hit, and I couldn’t reach her for hours to find out if she was okay.

I also lived way downtown and could smell the fires and fumes for days. For a while they also wouldn’t let anyone below Houston Street without showing proof of residence, so it was like living in a literal ghost town. Except for the noise of tanks and ambulances rushing down Houston, it was eerily quiet. But those sounds made nothing easier.


Wow…thanks Mark…that really puts things into perspective. I made a short post on my blog, but I decided what I said was not important. I made the post important though, because I threw in a list of every single person who lost their life on 9/11/2001. The list is on my blog.

In the Cards


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