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NytstoryIn the upper-right corner of the homepage, we’ve been listing three examples of how MLBlogs get noticed. If you click the first one now, you’ll see that it just changed to point to a brand-new New York Times story about our friend Zack Hample, he of the nearly 3,000 balls snagged at Major League Baseball games. Another great recognition of this community…snagnificent.

Nate Robertson updated his blog in advance of his trip back out to the mound Saturday night against the Twins in a huge game for both teams, so be sure to check it out and also visit his ChewMap…pretty cool view of how Tiger nation extends even to Moscow. David Wright also updated his at the start of the Mets’ current series. It’s been interesting to see the comparison between the typical comments on each of those. For the most part, Nate’s commenters are all about the Gum Time and talking about how they chew to spur rallies. As for David’s, let’s just say that a lot of Mets fans would like to Mrs. Wright. See for yourself. Comments are almost as fun as the bloggers’ posts.

Curt Smith always manages to slip his blog posts in at whatever time of day I’m not looking as the Recently Updated Weblogs feed whirls past, so I just noticed his most recent post. Hope you saw it, too. This is a golden opportunity to comment back and forth with one of the foremost authorities on baseball broadcasting, and you can get a better idea from checking out Curt’s About page on his MLBlog. I’m sure he’d like to hear from a lot of fans.

Thanks to Jules at Cardinal Girl for her appearance last night as the MLBlogger of the Week on MLB Radio. Her appearance can now be heard again by clicking the drop-down menu under Multimedia on the homepage…or on the archive page at MLB Radio. We probably will be focusing the search for future Friday night MLBloggers of the Week on bloggers who are following contenders, then after the World Series will open it back up to everyone.

Most of all, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Travis Hafner for one incredible season. He didn’t get the love when it came to All-Star decisions for starting (fans), reserve (coaches/players) or Final Vote (fans), and he faces stiff competition for the Hank Aaron Award that is in the final voting stage right now. But no matter what, Pronk was a stud in 2006 and should get some kind of standing ovation right now. Here was the press release today:

"The Indians today announced DH/1B TRAVIS HAFNER will miss the remainder of the 2006 season due to a hairline fracture in the 4th metacarpal of his right hand. The hairline fracture was detected from a follow-up x-ray last night in Chicago.

"Hafner has missed the last 7 games after being hit by a pitch from LHP CJ Wilson on Friday, Sept. 1 the 8th inning at Texas. 

"Hafner is hitting .308 (140-454) with 31 2B, 1 3B, 42HR & 117 RBI in 129 games. His 42 home runs are tied for the 8th highest total in club history w/Hal Trosky (’36) & Rocky Colavito (’59). Hafner also set single-season club records for HR & RBI as a DH w/39HR & 110RBI, breaking Andre THORNTON’s 1982 records. Hafner is currently 2nd in the AL in HR (42) and extra base hits (74), 3rd in RBI (117) and 1st slugging % (.659) and on-base % (.439). He is just the 2nd Indian EVER w/40HR, 100BB, 100RS & 100RBI in same season (Jim Thome ’97, ’01-02)"

…gotta give a plug to our new 2006 Pennant Package that we just announced today, well worth an Andy Jackson on that one. If you haven’t tried MLB.TV Mosaic yet, you’re missing out. I’m pretty proud of my colleagues for figuring out how to make that one happen, and there was a lot of great input from fans along the way afer it launched in beta.

Happy blogging this weekend! We need some Spheroids…who’s on deck? And with apologies to all you Mets bloggers, who besides me is greedy now that The Drought is over and wants to see Anibal (anna-BALL for you broadcasters who struggled all night with that one) Sanchez be the next Johnny Vander Meer on Monday and go back-to-back?


Just read the article on Zack–very cool!

But then…we Mlbloggers are just such a cool bunch, aren’t we? (*wink*)

You gonna be rooting for the Mets post-season, Mark? Or do we have to rely on Casey Stern for that?

I put up a tribute and a slideshow on my blog to September 11th. Check it out.

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