Weekend Ahead

Be sure to listen to our MLBlogger of the Week tonight on MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show, at 10:15 ET. This time it’s Jules from Cardinal Girl, and we won’t be surprised to hear her spinnin’ some Cardinal haiku in front of a big baseball crowd that’s also tech-savvy and blog-hungry. Listen to past MLBloggers of the Week from the drop-down on the MLBlogs.com homepage and email us if you’d like to be considered for a future Friday to promote your MLBlog (host Pete McCarthy CONSTANTLY mentions the URL…"pronoun rule!") and talk some baseball.

We will be featuring 9/11 remembrances toward the end of the weekend — I wrote this story earlier for our current "We Will Not Forget" area on MLB.com. Each ballpark ceremony should be pretty special from what I understand. Am headed to Ground Zero early Monday morning to be a part of that and hopefully meet some individuals who were most affected, to make friends through baseball. It helped get a lot of people through some tough times then. Hope others might want to share their remembrances on MLBlogs about 9/11 late this weekend or Monday, will keep an eye out.

Thanks to David Wright for keeping one eye on the homestretch and one eye on his MLBlog…and welcome to a couple of rooks here, Roger Dodger and Go Cards. Great Q&A with Craig Biggio on the MLBlog of Brewers broadcaster Daron Sutton. And thanks to the one and only Tommy Lasorda for hanging out a while in our offices earlier today and appearing on our shows.


Very moving story, Mark. Baseball definitely provided a ray of light during that awful time. I posted my remembrances.



I want 17 quadrillion baseballs.


NP. You also can own the whole game for $3.95 with our Digital Download Service, put it on your hard drive, burn it onto a CD, and watch the last “out” 17 quadrillion times. 🙂

(And it’ll still be a no-hitter!)

Never mind Mark. I found it. Thanks for the heads up.


Got ya Mark,

I didn’t know there was a video link of the last out on MLB.com. I’ll look for it. Is it on the home page? Where can I link to it?


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