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With the Atlanta Braves’ MLB-record streak of division titles coming to an end in 2006, it’s looking like the Yankees are on their way toward celebrating what would be the Majors’ longest such streak at nine consecutive years at the top of the American League East. That’s fine with one of our newest MLBloggers over at Cappiello’s Yankee Corner, and our thanks to Matt for taking the time to step up as the latest Spheroid. Nine Questions with today’s featured blogger:

1. What are the best reasons that other baseball fans should visit your MLBlog?

Level-headed critiques with a good beat that you can dance to.

2. Favorite team and why:

Yanks. I eschewed a Met upbringing. The likes of Piniella, Randolph and Gossage were more alluring to me than Stearns, Staub and Falcone. Though I was transfixed by John Pacella’s hat falling off after every pitch.

3. If your MLBlog were any baseball player past or present, who would he be and why?

Colorful, a dose of curveballs, and unshaven: Bert Blyleven, but without the salty language.

4. How did you first hear about MLBlogs and why did you join The Show?

I learned of MLBlogs by perusing the MLB.com site. I live in LA, which is not a fervent baseball town, so no one listens to me when I start ranting about the right fielder missing the cutoff man. I started the blog so my friends in NY can check it to answer the daily baseball question, "What would Matt do?" Plus, I thought this would yield more results when my name is typed into Google.

5. Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere?

I’m new, but Mile High Yankees stands out. Jacob is even-tempered and doesn’t complain as much as I do. Tommy Lasorda should also be visited because…he’s Tommy Lasorda. Of non-MLBlogs, Yesnetwork.com’s Pinstriped Blog puts most blogs to shame with excellent analysis and Kafka references.

6. What is something not on your About page that MLBloggers should know about you?

I fly across the country for World Series games, but not for family Christenings. People in my family are not blog-savvy, so I feel comfortable saying that.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Being fast and loose with Sal Fasano references.

8. Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

If I was still 8 I would say a Dave Kingman game-winning homer that prompted fans to litter the field at Shea with giveaway Donniebaseball
seat cushions. But my actual answer is: Mattingly’s ALDS homer in ’95…which prompted fans to litter the field with things much harder than seat cushions.

9. Happiness is…

A number three hitter dropping down a successful bunt, then pointing to the stands and thanking me for the idea.

Please stop by Matt’s MLBlog at Cappiello’s Yankee Corner to leave comments, and feel free to email us with your own responses to those Nine Questions if you’d like some extra eyeballs for your own MLBlog!

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I am a New York Yankee fan and I think they need to get new pitchers, they were outpitched is the reason they failed to make the playoffs. It was not A-Rod’s fault or Joe Torres but New York needs to get several young pitchers for their starting rotation andfor the bullpen.

I love Sal Fasano !!!!



Hey Mark,

Anibal Sanchez (ex Red Sox) got your no-hitter. Drought is over.



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