The Drought Goes On

Here is my latest story for after further research into this perplexing Major League Baseball no-hitter drought. It was unbelievable to see Ramon Ortiz lose his earlier in the day for Washington in the top of the ninth as Aaron Miles blooped a single for St. Louis. Throw in his home run he hit during the game, and he was three outs away from the Performance of the Year in MLB. So this drought has surpassed the one during WWII, and at this rate we will be talking about the longest drought in modern history (excluding 1800s) next mid-May. Can someone do it?


mark, you must be good luck!

Good for Sanchez!!!

And it took a Venezuelan pitcher to end the drought. Nice job for Anibal!


Nice job Mark! Why don’t you start talking about the offensive drought of the Astros now!

Your story must have awakened the no-hit gods!
Drought over!

What a great feeling to see Sanchez’ and the Marlins’ excitement!

I was pulling for the kid to get it. I’m glad to see Sanchez get the no-no!

And yes, that’s yours truly on my buddy DC Parmet’s photo album at the top of — the photo pixelated and I am not missing every other tooth although I am from Southern IND.

Hmmm. No comment.🙂 Ok, maybe a little, but belive me, when Miles got that base hit, I was cheering big time. If Duncan had got on as well, that’s three runs instead of one. But, it’s not as upsetting now that the Reds are putting themselves further and further back in the standings.

BTW, I just made the case for Pujols for NL MVP and am curious to see what other people think. (Especially Mets and Phils fans.)


Tiff, I only half-believe you on that one…can’t imagine you didn’t feel for Ortiz a little bit in that way, losing no-no in the ninth.

Yes you are if he’s pitching against your team…and trust me, “jinxes” are irrelevant when you consider this drought. You can talk about it till you’re blue in the face every day and no one is throwing one. My updated on The Drought will show up shortly on…

We’re not supposed to talk about impending no-no’s but that’s all that happens now that baseball is on the Internet.


Life, Baseball & a guy who set a new personal best in homers AND went 20/20 today!!!

Can’t say I’m excited as you are about Ortiz getting the win. Personally, a come from behind win would have been much more exciting.


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