Bonds and 756 will meet

BarryThat’s No. 728 for Barry. Tick, tick, tickin’ away.

Only 28 more to go to pass The Hammer. There are two ways to look at it. It seems like it has taken a loooooong time to get those 28 since he joined the fabled 700 Club. But those next 28 somehow don’t seem like much of a challenge for him. Here is Bonds’ career stats page. I just looked at it more closely, and he has 20 this season in only 110 games. In other words, he has played about two-thirds of a regular season, is dealing with about the usual number of walks and being pitched around, so he would project at near 30 if this were a full season.

Bonds has said he will play in 2007, and if he has the opportunity to do so and can go 130 to 140 games — which is asking a lot of someone his age — I think the record will fall right about this time next year. I also have a little bit riding on it. Check out the Mt. Crushmore page we produced at way back on Aug. 9, 2002. Yes, I was writing then as well. See the pro-and-con links just to the right of the illustration? My trusty colleague John Schlegel, now our West regional editor, reasoned why Bonds will fall short of Hank Aaron. I reasoned why the record would fall. He was at 600 and it was still light years away. Yes, the world has "changed" a bit since I wrote that, and all kinds of perceptions have changed. A lot of things have changed in the world since then. But Bonds is still in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, if you click that article link, the page is no longer archived so it redirects to our Perspectives page. But the headline says it all.

Newman still says Bonds and 756 will meet. He would be 43 years old, and a lot of people think he would need to DH to have the opportunity. An ironhorse pitcher pushing it at that age, with four days’ rest, more thinkable. An almost-everyday player, that takes a real feat. I think it will happen in 2007. Do you?

Speaking of the Giants and because I chose their motif for this post, it was interesting to read about MLBlogger Kevin Frandsen today. Glad that jaw is finally unwired. Nothing could stop him from blogging about it, of course.


There not much Hoopla over the National League Record which now he 3 short and 4 from passing. Sometime this month HE, Babe, and Hank will hold all-time Records time to get the special balls out commish.

Wow, I don’t know WHAT to think. I used to love him. Then I hated him. Then I caught his 724th career homer and suddenly had all these mixed emotions. Does my ball become more special if he hits more homers? And what about MLB as a whole? Man oh man, it’s going to be something to see how this whole thing plays out.

Switching topics (somewhat), I want to share the link to a photo that I took yesterday. It shows all 158 of my baseballs from this season, lined up in one row in the hallway outside my NYC apartment:

-The Baseball Collector

Will that record even be valid?since we all know he pulled a Giambi and took steroids.

There’s No. 729 — 27 to go.

great story by kevin frandsen Thank God this broken wrist is the first bone ive broken.That broken jaw had to be painful.I agree with A i dont want to see barry break the record.

I’ve put up a list of injuries for the Red Sox in the past month (22) if you are interested in checking it out.

I hope Barry never makes it to 756. Leave the record to the guy who got it naturally, Hank Aaron.

Frandsen’s story was interesting. I hope I never break my jaw.


My bad – it’s not a love fest for Barry, I realize. Maybe it’s just that I’m bitter he gets so much coverage for this. I feel like the media could do a service to the game’s integrity by not making a big deal out of his HR chase. Of course I’m just a whiny fan yearning for the good old days, when the worst cheating was spitballs and sign stealing, not Human Growth Hormone…


I wasn’t giving him accolades if you re-read this, I just blogged about the fact that I believe he will break the home run record at roughly this time next year. You can ignore it or write about it and I wrote about it. I strongly doubt that in 2007 people will choose to ignore the prospect of professional sports’ most hallowed record possibly falling.

A nice post, and I liked the Mt. Crushmore page and photo galleries there, but the fact remains Bonds is a CHEATER. Read “Game of Shadows” if you have any questions as to whether his HR records should count. Why glorify a guy who is a LIAR and a CHEAT? Because of Bonds and those like him, baseball records mean less and less each season. In fact that whole late 90s early 00s power period should just be erased. All those guys – McGwire, Sosa, etc. – were juicers. So obvious now – how did we allow ourselves to think back then that these guys WEREN’T CHEATING?

I love this game and its history too much to see it disgraced like this. I know to some extent MLB employees probably have to toe the company line and not rip anybody, but let’s stop kidding ourselves and our bloggers that Bonds deserves accolades.


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