Labor Day Weekend in the Sphere

Everyone, have a great Labor Day or Labour Day weekend. One thing about — holidays never slow the Recently Updated Weblog feeds.

Going with the Red Sox motif this time as a nod to Jon Lester. My immediate thought was of another lefty who had to battle: Dave Dravecky. I’m glad that Lester’s diagnosis of lymph node cancer is treatable and that all parties are optimistic. For anyone wondering whatever happened to the Giants’ pitcher, he’s a speaker and here’s his Hope for Cancer site.

All you have to do is click around the Yankee blogs here such as Lola’s and Beth’s to see what others think. Lester will have support from everywhere in going through this.

Catch MLBlogger of the Week Paul Lebowitz of Prince of New York at 10:15 ET tonight on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show. The link will be here.

In case you missed it on the homepage today, here’s the link to September to Remember. Had to make sure to give some love to MLBlogs in the process.

Nate Robertson’s guestmap now has close to 500 entries from all over the world. Saw some familiar bloggers pushing pins there.



To store a complete 9+ inning game, you will need enough hard drive space to store a roughly 550MB file.

Oh, forgot to ask. About how many MB is the typical digital download game. There are a few EB games I might want to have but I’ve got a feeling that space is going to be an issue on my ‘puter.


I was actually at the game Dravecky pitched in SF when we all hoped he was coming back. He went 7 innings and won. Unfortunately, the arm bone broke on his next start in Montreal and that was the end of his pitching career.

Wasn’t it Andres “El Gato Grande” Gallarraga who had to battle the Big C as well?


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