Congrats to Julie at Cardinal Girl for being the latest example of an MLBlogger reaping prominent attention from the press. MLBlogs get you noticed.

Feeling-of-the-Day: White Sox vs. Astros repeat World Series. Four great games last year, four breaks the other way and Astros would have swept. Backe’s headed for Tommy John but rotation still light years the best in NL. Survival mentality usually escorts someone to the World Series and teams that run away with divisions usually are at a disadvantage due to loss of killer instinct; White Sox had to hang on and survive last year as well. That’s today’s Feeling of the Day, which could get me killed here in New York, where they are thinking Subway Series like it’s a birthright. I remember Derrek Lee explaining it all to me after the Fish got past the Cubs in ’03 — "You gotta be battle-tested, man." Will go with race survivor/hot hand every time in modern ball.

My personal slogan for the coming month: "If you coast, you are toast."

I think that applies to life in general. Not just baseball.

I don’t really care who wins it all as long as I get to stand immediately next to Steve Perry again while he is singing "Don’t Stop Believin’" in a victorious clubhouse as our eyes are burning from champagne.

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Was good to see Hall of Fame prez Dale Petroskey check in with another blog post earlier today. Tommy‘s back on board, and look for him everywhere in a few weeks. Glad Murray made it through Ernesto this week in Cuba. Jesse‘s got the Cowboy cheerleaders covered. I keep having this nightmare about the laptop our colleague Jordan has on his post at Major League Bastian.

We’ll be blowing away August and blowing in the month of September all over MLB.com on Friday, be sure to check it all out. Just finished my own two cents for the homepage. It’s time to get those game faces on. Survival time is here, and so are a bunch of strangers on the rosters.

Look really hard at this list in our stats area and you can find seven NL pitchers among the top 23 leaders in wins. None near the top. Not that the NL needed another reminder of what’s happening.

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“Not that the NL needed another reminder of what’s happening.”

Oh, why not? For old time’s sake.


Also, my initial skepticism about the claim(from the Marlins press notes, via Elias) that no 20th century team ever reached .500 after falling 20 games under, has given way to my inability(so far)to find any such team. It’s a thought provoking, counterintuitive statistic.



Come and read “Holding The Maine” and find out why John Maine could be the difference maker in any successful Mets’ Playoff run!


Carl The Cabbie

re: The List.

Webb is the only guy on the D’Backs staff I have any faith in.


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Hi Mark, thanks for the shout out!



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