Something Unexpected

OK, since no one is blogging about the hottest team in baseball, we here at MLBlogosphere thought we’d represent for the Fish. Hence the first time ever that MLBlogosphere has deviated from the generic MLB template. If the concept wears on us, we might just change the template here to match whatever team we are blogging about each time.

Here is what you need to know about the Florida Marlins, since yours truly just got the game notes in his inbox a moment ago. Some of this stuff just makes you shake your head because it makes no sense whatsoever in professional sports. But here goes.

  • The Marlins were a season-low 20 games under .500 at 11-31 through May 21. Since then, they have gone 53-35 to improve to 64-66. No Major League team since 1900 has gone from 20 games below .500 to .500 within the same season. Ever. Joe Girardi already must be considered a leading candidate for NL Manager of the Year; in fact, it’s hard to imagine he won’t be a mortal lock unless they plummet back to 20 games under .500.
  • Dan Uggla. Dan Uggla. Dan Uggla. Here is what you need to know about the man with the Uggla Stick. He is the fourth player in the past 50 years to record 20 (21) HR and 75 (79) RBIs in the season of his Major League debut. The others were Albert Pujols, Orlando Cepeda and Frank Robinson. And don’t forget that Uggla’s home park includes a death valley for sluggers.
  • If the Marlins beat the Cardinals again tonight, then they leave Colorado as the only active franchise never to win at least 10 games in a row at some point.
  • Florida is the first team since the 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers to have three rookie pitchers with at least 10 victories apiece. Scott Olsen, Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco have that distinction, joining Joe Black, Billy Loes and Ben Wade from the ’52 team. The only other time this happened in the 1900s was on Connie Mack’s 1934 Philadelphia A’s.
  • I haven’t watched the Marlins closely enough this season — like most other people. When I saw a Marlin leading the Majors in ERA this morning on, I had to get more info on Johnson. I’m as guilty as many people about not knowing enough about them.
  • Miguel Cabrera is finishing a monster month in which he has set the club record for RBIs. Only one player, Ryan Howard, has more RBIs this month than Cabrera.

I could go on. If you don’t usually check out our Press Pass notes at, then by all means do so because those are the game notes that all baseball writers receive when they get to the press box each night. Just take a close look at the Marlins’ notes for tonight. It’s unbelievable. Take a close look at the Marlins on MLB.TV tonight live from Busch. It’s unbelievable.


Whoops. I clicked ‘Post’ a moment too soon. I also need to mention that I love “Uggla Stick.”

Go Marlins! (They’ve always been generous when it comes to tossing baseballs into the crowd.)

-The Baseball Collector

During the last Mets-Marlins series, I told Rob how impressed I’d been by the Marlins. Now he calls them “YOUR Marlins” whenever they come up. But we’ve sure gotten some great players from the Fish!

That’s why I said year of MLB debut. The game notes specify from Elias what you mentioned…I didn’t want to expound on the fine print πŸ˜‰

thx for the press pass link – lots of good info, however some of it’s incorrect.

“He[Uggla] is the fourth player in the past 50 years to record 20 (21) HR and 75 (79) RBIs in the season of his Major League debut.”

Several ALers debuted with 20/75 as well,incl. Eddie Murray, Joe Charboneau, Alvin Davis.

To clarify for your readers, these “debut” stats are distinct from “rookie eligible” stats, which often occur in a player’s second or third year in the bigs – there’s a considerable list of 20/75 rookies out there. I mention that cuz even though we’d all agree Uggla is having a fine season, his stats really aren’t as historic as the initial stat might suggest.

The item about the first team to finish .500 from 20 down doesnt sound right either, but I could be wrong. I’ll look into it when I have some time.

I think the Marlins are a reminder about what a fine line there is separating talent at the Major League level. If you’re a Major Leaguer, you’re a Major Leaguer. I always wondered what would happen if a team of seemingly all rookies just took the field and did their thing as if they were still coming up through the minors. And not having to deal with outside expectations and media distractions always helps.

Tiffany, I think the Mets will win the NL East. πŸ™‚

The teal(I guess that’s what color it is) isn’t growing on me Mark, but it is amazing what they’ve done this season, especially with their payroll. Too bad they don’t have any type of fanbase in FLA and their owner keeps getting rewarded for being cheap.

The Marlins are playing well, but I liked them a lot better when they were playing somebody else. You don’t want to be playing a team that’s going this hot when you’re trying to seal the deal for your division.

By the way, I’ve got a question going on my blog about how all the division races will end up. What’s your pick? Marlins to win it all? πŸ™‚


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