Hump Day Spherage

Big Nate Chew is back on the hill right now for the Tigers in the Bronx. Be sure to check out Nate’s latest MLBlog post and especially that awesome guestmap. You can see how Tiger fans are proudly coming out of the woodwork. And deservedly so when you consider what they probably went through in recent years. Fun to see their entries on that map. . . .

DeanwithballsGreat to have Shaun Dean back in the bloghouse! Longtime MLBloggers will recall that he caught both the Berkman AND Burke home run balls during the historica 18-inning thriller that gave Houston the last NLDS title over the Braves…and then blogged about the entire experience. Catch up on his blog with what happened last fall…

Interesting to see that Sept. 12 will mark the 1,000th game in Jacobs Field history. Seems like just yesterday I was waiting two hours to get on the elevator there because Clinton was also in attendance at the inaugural game. Still very much No. 1 on my list of favorite ballparks when it’s lit up at night with those vertical light towers. . . .

John Brazer, the Phillies’ Director of Fun & Games (not a shabby title), just blogged that Wrigley is the best ballpark in the Majors. Certainly a good argument can be made for that…but I always think of the Yosemite hike I have to take to get up to the press box. What’s your favorite ballpark in the Majors and why? . . .

Since Aug. 9

1. Cleveland (15-5)
2. New York Mets (14-5)
2. Oakland (14-5)
4. Florida (13-6)

For what it’s worth. Does no one want to blog about the Marlins? All they do is shock the world. I think I can dig up a post from their housecleaning last winter that told people to expect exactly what they are doing…it’s what the Marlins live for. Imagine if they snuck into the Wild Card and then won it all that way again for a third time — probably would be the Most Titles Per Capita in any sport, such a short lifespan as a club.

Be glad your computer doesn’t look like this.

Any further issues with being unable to post long comments? Six Apart ops has continued to look into the matter, and let me know if you see the spam block filter.

This is the time of year when people are talking about the Mets’ magic number. Here is an MLBlogger who has been talking about it since Opening Day. Bandwagon jumpers!

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Which reminds me…does anyone know where you can buy Big League Chew in NYC? I wanna try it!!

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