MLBlogs Comment Issue

Updated 6:25 pm ET Monday…

According to our Six Apart blog host provider, someone last week wrote a malicious code through an MLBlog comment and brought the MLBlogs server to its knees, essentially sending thousands of comments to the server through a script. Subsequently, a comment anti-spam block capability was turned on, which is why probably most people have experienced a spam block whenever trying to leave a somewhat lengthy comment on any MLBlog.

That comment spam block has now been turned off, but Six Apart will closely monitor the load in coming days. If it happens again, we probably will just eliminate long comments (write too much in a comment and you should just be blogging anyway). Hopefully it won’t be an issue from here on it, but if you ever see the comment spam blocker again, you’ll know why.

Updated 5:07 pm ET Tuesday:

Problem has not entirely gone away according to two MLBloggers who received comment spam block when trying to post comments on their own blogs. Have been unable to replicate this today, let me know here if any further issues. 6A is talking to ops to see if anything has changed there since I last blogged here…sorry for any ongoing inconvenience.


thx though

lol you can still pin the special blogs at the top and then thereafter alphabetize the rest of the blogs, but whatever

Mark’s good at checking e-mail Brady =)

Mark, do you have any type on instant messenger? I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask you…thanks a ton,

No. The MLBlogs Active Roster is indeed alphabetized if you click it to the left on the homepage, browsing by team. I created anchor link for each team and alphabetized within those. The blue panel on the homepage you’re referring to is dynamic and places emphasis on some MLB personalities toward the top and as you can see mixes in fan blogs with MLB players, broadcasters, legends, media, etc.

Mark, can you guys PLEASE alphabetize the MLBLOGS ACTIVE ROSTER?

there are many blogs i read daily, and i jump around a bit; alphabetizing can really help


Right. Will be a moot issue if this matter festers for long, has come back today and Six Apart is checking to see if Operations changed something after the fact. I would only ask that a character limit be specified if it ever comes to that so people aren’t guessing. Not a fan of long (real long) comments on blogs anyway.

Thanks, Mark.

Sometimes I need to leave long comments on my own blog when I’m answering a dozen people at once, but at least I know what’s up.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks for the explanation. I really don’t understand these things very much but do appreciate having the Dodger site available for comment again.

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